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This family is a LOODENS newsletter subscriber. Three weeks ago we proposed a game in the newsletter that they loved and there they are, enjoying it together 😉

Recommended games

Just One set
JUST ONE is a fun word association game. It was awarded the Best Game of the Year in 2019 at the prestigious Spiel des Jahres awards. It’s highly original and enjoyable, guaranteeing lots of laughter.
Beach games for adults
The first time you see this game, you’ll look foolish. What’s that round net doing on the ground? How the heck do you play that? And when you discover it, you go from perplexity to… I want to try it!
Secet Hitler game
Secret Hitler is a great game of deduction and hidden roles. Perfect for medium-sized groups looking for a medium-length game in which all players will feel 100% involved. Printable version available!

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