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Virus is a card game where players compete to be the first to get a healthy human body (four organ cards) by overcoming the traps of rivals who will do their best to infect, destroy or steal each other’s organs. A very fun game with lots of interaction between players.
juego de cartas virus
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cartas del juego virus

How to play “Virus”

Things you need to know before starting to play

icon players

Number of players

Virus is a game for 2 to 6 players, from 8 years old.

icon objects

What do you need to play

Virus is a commercial card game, so you’ll need to buy it or borrow it from your neighbor, a friend, your sister… Just make sure to return it in perfect condition 😉

ico learn

Discover the VIRUS deck

The cards in the VIRUS deck are special cards designed specifically for this game. We briefly introduce them below and then explain in more detail the role played by each one of them.

icono corazón


Juego Virus, cartas de órganos

There are 21 organ cards. They are distinguished by the heart-shaped icon in the corners. There are 5 organ cards of each color —red, green, blue and yellow— and one multicolor organ card.

Organ cards are key to winning a game of Virus. Four healthy organ cards of different colors are needed to complete a healthy body and win the game.

The multicolor organ is an advantage. Then we explain which one.

icono virus


Juego virus, cartas de virus

There are 17 virus cards. The icon in the corners that distinguishes them from the other cards symbolizes a virus, although seeing the drawing in the center of each card it is difficult to confuse a virus card with any other type of card. The viruses are perfectly distinguishable, illustrated in a very clear and amusing way.

There are 4 virus cards of each color —red, green, blue and yellow— and one multicolor virus card.

They are used to hinder the advance of opposing players. How? Destroying any of your organs or medicines. They are one of the essence of the game.

icono medicina


There are 20 medicine cards. The icon is a pill. There are 5 medicine cards of each color —red, green, blue and yellow— and four multicolored medicine cards.

These are cards that play the opposite role to virus cards. They are used to protect organs allowing for healing, vaccination and immunization.

With the cards presented so far we can already get an idea of how the game goes: we have to create a body with four organs, the medicine cards help to “build” and the virus cards to “destroy”. It looks like we already have game. But there is more. The best is yet to come. The treatment cards.

icono tratamiento


juevo virus, cartas de tratamientos

There are 10 treatment cards, divided into 5 different categories.

Later, we’ll explain the role each of them plays. For now, just know that these cards are a real threat because they can completely change the game with just one play!

Goal of the game

icon goal

How do you win a game of VIRUS

The objective of Virus is to create a healthy body by getting 4 cards of healthy organs of 4 different colors.

Rules of VIRUS: This is How a Game Goes

ico deck

Dealing the Cards

The deck of cards is shuffled and three cards are dealt to each player. The rest of the deck is left face down in the center of the table.

ico order

Who’s first?

The first turn goes to the player who has shuffled and dealt the cards. In each game —because you will not be able to play a single game 😉— a different player will do it.

ico player

This is a Turn in VIRUS

The player whose turn it is may use the cards in his hand to perform one of these two actions:

  1. Play one of your cards.
  2. Discard cards in the discard pile, which will be created with the cards face up next to the deck of cards.

As there are 4 types of cards in total you have 5 possibilities which we explain in detail below.

icono corazón


You can use an organ card to create one organ out of the four you need to win, leaving that card on the table and in front of him keeping in mind that:

  • Two organs of the same color cannot be created.
  • You cannot have more than four organs in total, unless the fifth is the multicolor organ. That is the only role played by the multicolored organ. Whoever is lucky enough to have it has a better chance of getting the four healthy organs before the others.
icono virus


You can use a virus card to mess with another player by affecting one of their organs that matches the color of the virus card you’re using.

  • When a virus card is left on a free organ – which has no card on it – it becomes infected and is no longer considered a healthy organ.
  • If the organ already has a virus card on it and we add a second one then the organ is destroyed and the three cards go to the discard pile.
  • If the organ is protected with a medicine card, the virus card destroys the medicine and both cards go to the discard pile, although the organ remains on the game table.
icono medicina


You can use a medicine card to protect your organs in different ways:

  • If one of your organs is infected with a virus card, the medicine card removes the virus by passing both cards to the discard pile.
  • If we leave the medicine card on a free organ, it is protected against the very likely attack of a virus.
  • If the organ is already protected with a medicine card and we add a second medicine card that organ will be immunized against possible attacks of any kind. This organ is already saved. Masterful play!
marco multicolor


The multicolor cards act as if they were of any of the colors both for the good —we can use the multicolor virus to infect a red organ, for example— and for the bad —if we have protected an organ with the multicolor medicine, any virus card, whatever color it is, will destroy that medicine—.

icono tratamiento


These cards can turn the game situation completely upside down. They are very powerful cards. Next, we’ll explain the effect of each one, but first, a clarification: the treatment card played must be placed in the discard pile.


juego virus, carta de guante de latex

If a player plays this card all other players must discard the three cards from their hand, run out of cards, and will have to draw three new cards from the deck when it is their turn.


juego virus, cartas de contagio

This card allows the player to transfer the viruses that are on his organs to the organs of other players who do not have any card on them.


juego virus, carta de ladrón de órganos

This card allows you to steal an organ from another player. . The chosen organ can be free, vaccinated, or infected, but not immunized Immune organs cannot be touched. And it should be remembered that you cannot have two organs of the same color.


juego virus, cartas de transplante

Whoever plays this card can swap one organ for another between any two players. They can be two different players from the one playing the card! They don’t have to be the same color, and it doesn’t matter if they’re healthy, infected, or vaccinated. However, it should be noted that neither of the two players should end up with two organs of the same color, and immunized organs cannot be affected.


juego virus, carta de error médico

This card allows the player who plays it to exchange his body for the body of another player. Everything, all of it, even the immunized organs. Think about it… It is the most powerful card in the deck.

icono carta


The last option is to discard cards —one, two or all three— in the discard pile.

ico deck

Drawing Cards

Once the move or discard has been made, the player will draw from the deck the necessary cards to have three cards in his hand again.

icon rounds

Nest turn

After drawing cards from the deck, it is the turn of the player to the right, counterclockwise.

ico deck

If the deck runs out of cards

When there are no cards left in the deck, cards are taken from the discard pile and placed face down to form a new deck. There is no need to reshuffle.

Game over. Who wins?

icon winner

End of the VIRUS game and winner.

The game of Virus ends when a player manages to have four healthy organs of four different colors, thus becoming the winner.

Tips for playing “Virus

icon tips

Spread your viruses.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spread your viruses. The worse your opponents’ organs are, the better for you.

icon tips

Play the MEDICAL ERROR card wisely.

If you are lucky enough to have the medical error card, don’t be too hasty in using it, be patient. Wait until a player has his body almost finished and zap!

icon tips

Immunize your organs

Immunized organs cannot be destroyed so as soon as you can, immunize them! because that brings you closer to victory. Remember: add two medicine cards of the same color.

icono compras

Where can I buy VIRUS?

You can find Virus at specialty board game stores, but the best price and deals are usually on Amazon.

The price usually hovers around $15.

Check current price and deals for Virus on Amazon

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

If you like games with a lot of interaction between players then you will love Virus. It is perfect for groups of friends and families. You will not be able to play a single game, but at least 3 or 4 games per game session. Give it a shot!

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