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Let’s start with saying we are people, something that seems obvious, but not so much in these times where AI lets you create content and even whole websites automatically. It’s not our case.

And clarified that point now we have two options: list names and resumes —which is what almost everyone does— or do our way and explain to you in a different way not only who we are but why we created LOODENS.

How about we do it differently?

How about a little of narrative?

This story is not based on real facts. These are real facts.

Barcelona, 1st August 2020

I open my eyes at 7:12 and there’s nothing left to do. Once the sunlight passes through my pupils, there is no way for me to fall asleep again so I decide to take advantage of the freshness of the early hours of the day because it is expected again a hot day of August in Barcelona.

I go out to the backyard and enjoy the gentle swing of the family seesaw while I smile remembering the laughs we had yesterday playing the Liar.

Always loved to play with my children. When they were babies, I enjoyed doing whatever nonsense made them smile. To make them laugh out loud was for me an unbeatable prize.

When they started growing up I encouraged them to play all kinds of games,Often simple games invented on the go, improvised to overcome an uncomfortable wait in a restaurant or an incipient moment of boredom at home.

I smile at the thought that some trace of all those early experiences have remained in them forever, because Laura loves to play with family and friends. To Joel we have to insist a little -damn video games- although once seated at the table he enjoys it as much as we do. And my wife Ana is easily convinced if she is offered a game that ensures interaction and laughter.

Today is Laura’s birthday. My little girl turns 18 today. And unfortunately we have to celebrate it without being able to share it with the rest of the family because of the restrictions imposed by the covid19. We’ve prepared a nice celebration, but it won’t be the same. I feel bad for her.

I thought of something to have some fun after lunch. I could teach my children some card games I played as a child with my sisters and cousins. There was one we played a lot, what was his name…? ¡Brisca! And how was it played? I do not remember. Was it a 1 and a 3? I decide to investigate.

I open my iPad browser and start searching. I visit a website, two, three… none with clear and definitive information. I turn to YouTube and watch a video, two, three… Finally biting a little bit here and a little bit there I get to remember the game and start thinking how I will explain it to my children.

I reorganize ideas, choose short and conclusive phrases, think of the possible doubts that may arise to anticipate them. That is, I bring out my teaching vocation, professional flaw of who has been teaching mathematics for more than 22 years to students of telecommunications engineering. Explaining something that is difficult in a simple way so that it is impossible not to understand it is my specialty.

When I’m done I can’t help but think… Why did I have to spend 25 minutes researching information on something that can be well explained in 3 minutes? And then I get an idea.

When my children wake up I meet them and propose a family project that combines fun, learning and a possible economic performance, a win win, as I like.

—What do you say we all create a website that explains how all the card games we know are played?— .

I looked into their eyes and at that moment I knew that something good and beautiful had just begun.

F. Cruz

2 December 2022

Hello!. My name is Francisco Cruz and I am responsible for the content and design of LOODENS.

That little story explains where and how the original germ arises from what is ultimately a larger project that encompasses not only card games, but all kinds of games with which a group of friends or family can share a fun time playing and creating memories.

Since that August 1, 2020 until today many things have happened. It was not until February 2022 that the conditions were finally in place that allowed me to devote enough time and energy to creating the first version of LOODENS and that, after a short period of testing already online, We announced with great enthusiasm the whole world in December 2022.

The content of LOODENS will grow steadily and permanently. I’ve got that and the production company that I have created to make sure of it, SILAN Productions, in which the whole family collaborates, and that in parallel will develop other online projects as or more exciting than LOODENS.

I want to thank our family and friends for their advice and good ideas, and all LOODENS contributors and users who have helped us search, select, test and improve the instructions and rules of many games. Thank you, all of you. Just enjoy your life.

And I want to end by remembering that this project would not have been born and won without the help and support of my wife Ana and my two children, Laura and Joel. LOODENS is for them.

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