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Couple games help you get to know each other better, reconnect, have fun, break the monotony and improve your relationship.

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1 – Couple games to get to know each other

Let’s start from the beginning!

If you’ve been together for a short time as a couple, these games will help you get to know each other better.

You can start with the classic icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie, suitable for a date at a restaurant or a romantic dinner at home. In this game, each member of the couple shares details about themselves, including two true statements and one false statement. The partner must guess which one is the lie and which ones are the truths.

For more details and 100 examples to inspire your lies, check out Two Truths and a Lie.

Two truths and a lie

Another game that will help you get to know each other better is a non-competitive version of the game Would You Rather? in which players must answer questions that offer only two equally good or equally bad options, creating dilemmas, sometimes deep and sometimes funny, that participants must resolve.

It can be a perfect opportunity to find out if your partner prefers kisses or hugs, or if they would rather live in a world without washing machines or a world without dishwashers… 😉

On the Would You Rather? page, we offer more details about the game and 82 examples of questions, some of them very original, invented by ourselves.

couple game complicity

There are also commercially available games specifically designed for couples.


It’s a card game with 6 different categories of questions that you can select and use:


Depending on the stage of your relationship, you can pick cards from one category or another. Maybe the game can help you take that next step! It’s up to you.

Here some card examples:

It includes 120 cards an it’s price is usually below €25.

Here you can check current price and deals for Conversation Starters on Amazon.

Another top-notch conversation game for couples is THE ULTIMATE GAME FOR COUPLES.

Perfect for date night, romantic getaways and even Valentine’s Day.

It is a game of questions and challenges. You can choose between two game options: with your partner or playing alongside other couples. With this game, you will spend quality time, creating bonds between you or competing with other couples.

The Ultimate Game For Couples
Ultimate game for couples

It includes 200 cards an it’s price usually ranges around $25.

Here you can check current price and deals for THE ULTIMATE GAME FOR COUPLES on Amazon.

This interactive game features a collection of fun questions designed to bring laughter to you and your partner.

It’s not your typical ‘get to know you’ game, it’s all about lighthearted fun without being overly sentimental. Whether you’re starting a new chapter in your relationship, moving in together, or celebrating a decade of marriage, we’re excited for you to join the fun.

With 150 questions spread across three categories: MATCH, BEST, and ME OR YOU . You can play one-on-one with your significant other or team up against other couples. Answer intriguing questions like, “Which celebrities would play us in a movie?” or “Who could last longer without using their cell phone?”

And that’s not all – the game comes complete with two dry-erase boards, two pens, and two cleanup cloths. Get ready for a night of laughter, connection, and friendly competition!

It’s price usually ranges around $20.

Here you can check current price and deals for THE COUPLES GAME on Amazon.

There are two versions of this game, one for couples who just tied the knot —COUPLE CONNECT— and another for those who’ve been married for over a decade —COUPLE RECONNECT—.

Each of them comes with 200 cards featuring questions crafted by American psychologists based on scientific research and their own experiences as couples therapists. It’s like a very serious and professional version of the games we’ve discussed before. So, it’s not just gaming, it’s like a relationship-boosting strategy session.

Playing these games isn’t just for kicks, it’s like a communication workout. As you take on the challenges and dive into open, honest convos, you’re leveling up those communication skills. That’s gold for keeping your relationship solid in the long run.

It’s price usually ranges around $34.

Check current price and deals on Amazon for:

2 – Competitive games: to challenge your partner

Are you competitive? Then compete!

Challenge your partner. Beat them. And have fun while doing it!

We propose several games for you to prove to your partner that you’re smarter, faster, more skillful, more knowledgeable, more… everything! Because you are, right?

👉 Who has a steadier hand and better strategy? A game of Jenga, Mikado, or Rock me Archimedes will determine that. The loser prepares dinner.

👉 Who has better aim? It will become clear after a game of 301, the ultimate dart game. The winner gets to select the movie you’ll watch at night.

👉 Who has better reflexes? We’ll find out after a game of Air Hockey. The loser buys the popcorn.

If you prefer a slightly more intellectual competition:

👉 Do you know SMART 10 game ? It is this cool trivia game with a really unique setup.

👉 Who is better at estimating time mentally? Try the game Time Measurement. The winner gets to decide the plan for the next weekend.

👉 Who has better logical thinking? We encourage you to find out by playing a few rounds of Bulls and Cows, a numbers and logic game unknown to many but great, easy to explain, and perfect for challenging your brain. The loser will clear the table after dinner, wash the dishes, and take out the trash.

👉 Who is better when it comes to strategy and using their brain? To find out, you can play chess, checkers, backgammon… although we encourage you to discover the game Mancala or any of its variations, Oware-Abapa or Sungka. They are ancient games with thousands of years of history! The loser will give the winner a nice massage.

👉 Who has a better vocabulary? To determine that, you can compete in one of these Word Games. The winner gets to choose the restaurant for your next outing.

3 – Cooperative games for couples: challenges and activities you can do together

If, on the other hand, you prefer to face a challenge and overcome it together, then a cooperative game is ideal for you.

Do you like detective novels, series, or crime movies? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to choose one of these Detective Games where you can step into the shoes of an FBI investigative team or even Sherlock Holmes himself. They are incredibly fun and challenging games. 100% recommended.

Detective game Unsolved Case Files

Recall the joy and excitement of your first date? As your relationship grows, it’s crucial to keep things fresh. This game are designed to do just that: infuse excitement and happiness into your relationship with fun and adventurous date ideas.

Once you scratch off the challenge card, you must embark on the adventure date. Each card provides clues about where the date will take place, including whether it’s at home, indoors, or if you need a nanny (if you have kids).

This set includes 35 exciting date challenges and 2 scratchers for an easy reveal. Once you scratch off a card, you’re committed to completing the date challenge – no take backs! Check out the helpful categories on the cards to get a sneak peek at the kind of date that awaits you.

Perfect for gifts, whether for him or her, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, game nights, date nights, or as a romantic gesture. This versatile set caters to various occasions, offering a delightful experience for couples at any stage of their relationship.

It’s price usually ranges around $25.

Here you can check current price and deals for DATE NIGHT IDEAS on Amazon.

4 – Fun games for couples: just for laughs

If you just want to have fun and laugh together, then these games can help you.

How about a little dancing? What do you think about learning a simple and hilarious Bollywood choreography? It doesn’t matter if you dance well or not. The idea is to have fun, laugh, and let loose. The dance steps are very simple. And if you record yourselves once you’ve learned it, you’ll have an unforgettable memory.

And how about a sensory championship? These games can be a lot of fun if you use your imagination. You can test your sense of touch, taste, hearingand smell. 100% recommended!

Look at the name of this game. It’s like they’ve read our minds.

With 200 cards in play, the game offers endless fun through 180 specially crafted challenges, including talents, games, and trivia designed for couples. From romantic charades to intriguing trivia, “Why Don’t We Laugh Together?” guarantees hours of entertainment and shared enjoyment.

Elevate the excitement by competing for personalized prizes tailored for couples. Claim rewards like “Skip Chore Duty” or “Plan Your Dream Date” to ignite playfulness and add a touch of competitiveness to your relationship.

Reimagine your date nights with captivating drawing, singing, and quick-witted games that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, exploring new dimensions of each other’s personalities.

Immerse yourselves in the captivating world of “Why Don’t We Laugh Together?” the ultimate card game crafted for couples. This engaging experience strengthens your connection with fun challenges, ensuring countless moments of laughter and interaction.

It’s price usually ranges around $26.

Here you can check current price and deals for WHY DON’T WE LAUGHT TOGETHER on Amazon.

5 – Spicy games for couples: to break the monotony

We’ve saved the best for last, as it should be.

These games will help you take it a step further. They have a spicier tone and can be used to break the monotony for couples who have been together for many years or for those who are still discovering and enjoying the magic of first times.

We mentioned this game earlier, but we only talked about Level 1. Now, we suggest using the Flirt and Dare cards. Fun is guaranteed.

Its price is usually below $30. Check current price and deals for Talk, Flirt, Dare on Amazon.

This game is designed to heat things up. You decide how far to go.

Its price is usually below $30. Check current price and deals for Spice it up on Amazon.

Enjoy that playtime together! It’s not just about having fun; you’ll also strengthen your bond and create memories that will last forever.

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