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It is well known that animals communicate with each other in different ways: through sounds, such as the singing of birds or the roar of lions, through gestures and body postures, such as the courtship dance of birds or the body language of primates, through chemical substances, such as pheromones that insects use to attract their mates, through visual signals, such as the alarm calls that birds emit to alert their group of the presence of a nearby predator, and even some species like sharks and some ants can communicate through electrical signals.

And then we have one animal species and only one that is able to communicate in an exceptional way: through words.

That not only makes that animal species unique and special, but also the WORDS.

Crossdice = crosswords game with letter dice

And you don’t need to be a philologist or be a literature scholar to love words. I have a friend who is an industrial engineer and enjoys discovering new words every day with a dictionary in hand: he literally opens the dictionary to a page and goes through each word until he finds one he didn’t know, and if it’s beautiful, phonetically pleasing, and has a meaning that allows him to incorporate it into his daily vocabulary, he does. And if not, he keeps looking until he finds another one!

It is estimated that there are about 100,000 words in the official dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, so I am happy to think that my friend will never run out of enthusiasm, fun and satisfaction to continue discovering new words every day.

A big hug Jose Luis ❤️.

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” 
ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare
Word games

And if we are fascinated by words themselves, how can we not like games in which they are the protagonists? Long live word games!

There are many, many word games, hundreds of them. This article does not include all of them but we offer a wide enough sample to allow most people to discover a game they did not know and give enough options so that everyone can spend hours and hours sharing some of these games with their friends or family. We will improve this article and add more games in the future. Promise.

Word Party Games

Party games are designed with the unique and admirable objective of being fun, making people laugh, and creating bonds between friends or family who spend that time playing together.

There are several party games in which words are protagonists in some way or another.

Word game proposal #1 – Just One

Just one game board

JUST ONE is a fun word association game. It was awarded the Best Game of the Year in 2019 at the prestigious Spiel des Jahres awards.

Players aim to help a teammate guess a word by providing clues in the form of other words, but here’s the catch… if they repeat a clue, it gets canceled out. Just one!

Visit our JUST ONE game page for more information and how to play this word game.

Word game proposal #2 – Taboo

Taboo game cards

We encourage everyone to give Taboo a try, the word game of forbidden words. It’s a highly enjoyable activity, perfect for those lively moments at parties or gatherings with friends.

Players must describe a keyword avoiding the use of certain forbidden words, taboo words! The close relationship between the keyword and the forbidden words makes this game so special and fun.

Visit our TABOO game page for more information and how to play this word game.

Word game proposal #3 – Codenames

Detail of all the elements of the board game Codenames

A fun and addictive word association game by teams that is impossible to play a single game. Ideal for medium to large groups.

In Codenames we must contact our team’s field agents by finding out what their code names are. We will do this by associating the clues given by our team’s chief spy with the words on the table. Beware of contacting the killer by mistake…

Visit our CODENAMES game page for more information and how to play.

Word game proposal #4 – Ping pong sing a song

A fun team party game in which singing right or wrong is the least of it. The team that knows more songs that include in their lyrics some kind of word, for example, a city, a number… win the game A game without a name that in LOODENS we have baptized as PING PONG SING A SONG.

Visit PING PONG SING A SONG page for more information and how to play this word game.

Word dice games

The letter dice are great for their portability, they fit in any pocket or corner of a bag or backpack and allow you to play various games anywhere you have a small horizontal space: in a bar while having a few beers -the loser pays the round-, while waiting to board at the airport, while resting after a dip in a pool … the possibilities are endless. And of course at any table at home!

We propose three word games that you can play with letter dice. Enjoy them!

Word game proposal #5 – Crossdice

Crossdice = crosswords game with letter dice

Crossdice is word construction game, a version with letter dice of Scrabble, more agile and faster and above all more portable, perfect to play anywhere and anytime.

The goal in Crossdice is to score as many points as possible with the words created from the letters obtained after rolling the dice.

Visit CROSSDICE page for more information and how to play this word game.

Word game proposal #6 – The longest word

How’s your vocabulary? Good? Challenge yourself and have a great time with friends or family playing this word game with letter dice.

The object of this game is to create the longest word possible from the letters obtained by rolling the dice.

Visit THE LONGEST WORD page for more information and how to play this word game.

Word game proposal #7 – The fastest word

For us the most fun and dynamic letter dice game because all players play at the same time and the speed in creating the word is important.

In this game you have to create the longest word possible in the shortest time possible, trying not to be the last one because in that case you don’t score anything!

Visit THE FASTEST WORD page for more information and how to play this word game.

Spoken word games

Among all word games, spoken word games are the ones that offer the most entertainment -pardon the redundancy- because they can be played anytime and anywhere, do not require any objects, physical activity, or even a specific positioning of players.

Spoken word games are played simply by talking and that gives you total freedom: you can play while sitting on the sofa at home, while traveling by car, train or plane, in a restaurant while waiting for your food to be served, while waiting in line at the bakery or to cheer up and entertain a relative who is convalescing in bed.

Word game proposal #8 – Word chain with origin and destination

In this game players must chain an ORIGIN WORD with a DESTINATION WORD with as few words as possible

This game provides an excellent gaming experience for both adults and children.

Visit WORD CHAIN WITH ORIGI AND DESTINATION page for more information and how to play this word game.

And that’s all, for the moment.

We’ll be gradually expanding our list with new word games. Visit us regularly to discover exciting additions!

Thanks for reading us.

Have a nice day, and enjoy the real life and the real world!

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