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Juego colaborativo
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JUST ONE is a fun word association game. Players aim to help a teammate guess a word by providing clues in the form of other words, but here’s the catch… if they repeat a clue, it gets canceled out. Just one!
Just ONE, game
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Just One set

How to play JUST ONE

Things you need to know before starting to play

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Number of players

JUST ONE is a game for 3 to 7 players, recommended for ages 8 and up.

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What you need to play

The game includes all the necessary materials: cards with the words to guess, boards, markers, and erasers.


JUST ONE is played in turns. In each turn, one player takes on the role of the “guesser,” while the others provide the clues. The player to start the first turn is randomly chosen and then passes the turn to the player on their left.

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Hand out easels and markers

Each player receives a board-stand and a marker. The marker’s cap also doubles as an eraser.

Goal of the game

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How to Win a Game of JUST ONE

The goal in JUST ONE is to guess as many words as possible out of the 13 in play during each round. It’s a collaborative game, a team challenge.

Playing a round of JUST ONE

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Card Selection

The game begins with the random selection of 13 cards, placed face down on the table, out of sight from any player at all times. That pile of cards represents the words to be guessed.

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This Is How a Turn in JUST ONE Goes

In each turn, the following steps are followed:


The player taking the turn picks the top card from the pile and, without looking at it, places it on their board facing the other players. One side of the board has a notch to secure the card.

Atril de Just One con carta


After placing the card, the player taking the turn randomly chooses a number from 1 to 5, thereby determining the word they need to guess and for which the other players have to provide clues.

WHAT’S UP, WHAT’S GOOD?: It doesn’t happen often, but if a player has no clue about the meaning of the word they need to give a clue for, they can request another number to be selected.


All players, except the one who has to guess, will secretly write on their board a SINGLE WORD that serves as a clue. No one can see what others are writing.

PROHIBITED CLUES: Words phonetically similar, translations, compound words, invented words, and words from the same family are not allowed.

NO CHEATING: It’s also not okay to agree beforehand or use the classic “I’ll write down the obvious!”… You CAN’T TALK.


Once everyone has written their clues, the player who has to guess will close their eyes, and the others will reveal their clues. If any word is repeated, it must be erased from all boards where it’s written. That’s the charm of this game! You have to think carefully about what you write, considering what you think others will write. Just One!

If one wrote “baker” and another wrote “bakeress,” they are discarded. If one wrote “smell” and another wrote “smells,” they are discarded. Be objective and realistic, don’t fool yourselves.


The moment of truth arrives.

After filtering the clues, the player taking the turn opens their eyes and, based on the remaining clues, tries to guess the word. They really have two options: answer or pass. Why pass? Because if they fail, the team will be doubly penalized, as we’ll see below.

JUST ONE also to respond.
There’s only one chance to get it right. Either you guess it on the first try, or it doesn’t count.


There are three possibilities:

Icono exito


After the unanimous applause for the excellent teamwork, the card is set aside in a pile of correctly guessed words.

Icono error


In this case, not only do no points get added, but the team is penalized. The first card from the remaining pile of cards, along with the incorrectly guessed card, is stored in the game box.

Reglas Beer Pong, si solo queda un vaso


If the player attempting to guess is unsure, they can choose not to respond. In this case, no points are added, the card goes to the box, but there is no penalty.

Nest turn

Then the boards are erased, and the turn passes to the player on the left, who becomes the new “guesser.”

Game over. Who wins?

icon winner

And the winner is…

The game concludes when there are no more cards left from the initial pile of 13. At that point, the count of guessed words is made. You only got 7 right? Let’s try it again! JUST ONE is a cooperative party game, there are no winners or losers, just a shared challenge: guessing all 13 words. Think you can do it? Give it a try!

You can check the price, offers, and current availability for Just One on Amazon.

Examples from JUST ONE

Let’s imagine a game with 6 players with this card

with the player choosing number 3: MEXICO.

Example 1 – Foolproof in this case.

Imagine the clue-givers wrote this:

In this case, the player guessing has it easy. We’re confident that 99% of the population would say “MEXICO”.

Example 2 – Medium to low difficulty

Now, imagine the clues are:

In this case, two identical words are erased, leaving the guesser with only these clues:

This case isn’t as blatantly easy as the previous example, but we’re sure that most people would still say “MEXICO”.

However, don’t underestimate the imagination and peculiar associations of ideas from those sharing the table with you; you’ll be surprised and burst into laughter more than once. That’s the beauty of this game. It’s what makes it so much fun.

Example 3 – Guessing is almost a miracle.

Now, imagine the clues are:

In this case, two pairs of identical words are erased, leaving the guesser with just one clue:

It’s not impossible, but “TACOS” has various meanings… What would you say? What do you think your friends would say? What about your partner? Don’t waste any more time; get the game and enjoy it!

You can check the price, offers, and current availability for Just One on Amazon.

Tips and Tricks for Playing JUST ONE

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2 clues per player

The game recommends that in games with 3 players—two guessing—each player can write two clues instead of one. Our experience suggests that this is also advisable for games with 4 players—three guessing—at least in the early rounds.

tip icon

Consider who will guess

When crafting clues, consider stepping into the shoes of the one who has to guess. We’re not all the same, with the same knowledge, experience, and thought process. Don’t use clues that are obvious to you; instead, think about what will be evident to the person trying to guess.

tip icon

Also, think about the other clue-givers

The same goes for your teammates who are also providing clues. If you believe a teammate might write “FIRE” to guess the word SMOKE, think of a different type of word. Altought if everyone follows this advice, the most obvious clue may end up being unused. That’s another charm of this game!

icono compras

Tips and buying guide

JUST ONE is a commercial game, so we can’t provide many purchasing tips. Still, we recommend finding it at the store where you’ll get the best deal.

And currently, the best price for JUST ONE can be found on Amazon.

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

We think it’s a fantastic game. And so does the jury that awarded it the 2019 Game of the Year, which is no small feat. It’s perfect for a game night or afternoon with friends who are up for some fun and laughter. The rounds are short, but the game is so captivating that you’ll likely end up playing for an hour or two without even realizing it. Give it a shot!

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