Spikeball Roundnet

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Two teams
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-30 min
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Spikeball is a mix between volleyball and handball where the ball is hit with the hand towards a round net that acts as the playing field, or as the ball would probably tell us if we could talk to it, a fun trampoline. As simple as it is entertaining and addictive. As simple as it is entertaining and addictive.
Spike ball
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What is Spikeball?

It’s a team game played with a ball and a round net parallel to the ground, in which players bounce the ball following the rules that we will explain below.

Friends playing Spikeball roundnet

Roundnet Serve” by Mgalant1027 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

¿Spikeball or Roundnet?

Roundnet is the generic name of the game, while Spikeball is a registered trademark that manufactures and markets Roundnet games.

Why does almost everyone call the game Spikeball instead of Roundnet? For the same reason that everyone uses Frisbee instead of “flying disc”. Because they were the first ones to manufacture and market it, they are market leaders, and as it has happened many times in the industry, people associate the brand name with the product.

We have decided to use Spikeball, Roundnet, and even Spikeball Roundnet interchangeably. Who cares? All three are correct.

How to play Spikeball Roundnet

Set up before start playing

icono jugadores


In official competitions, 4 players play, two against two, but if you’re playing for fun with friends or family, you can play with 2 to 6 players.


Create two balanced teams, taking into account the age, experience, and skill level of each player.

Spikeball players positions


Players are distributed around the net leaving the same space between them. Players on the same team stand together.

icono reloj


As in tennis, volleyball and many other competitive games, a match does not have a predetermined time duration but is divided into games in which players compete for a certain number of points.


icono pulgar arriba


Before a match begins, it must be agreed how many games a team must score to win the match -usually 2 games- and how many points each game will have -usually 15 or 21 points-.

This is how a point is played in Spikeball Roundnet.

Here is a summarized version of how a point is played in Spikeball Roundnet. Later on, we’ll go into more detail on each section and list the official rules of the game.



The serving team puts the ball in play by hitting it with one hand towards the net so that it bounces off it.



The receiving team can make three hits —as in volleyball— before returning the ball to the net.



The game continues with an exchange of ball possession between teams.



The point ends when one of the teams fails to make the ball bounce on the net or when a foul is committed.

Now, surely you have a lot of questions about who and how to serve, how to hit the ball, what happens if it hits the rim… We answer all these questions below.

Playing roundnet spikeball

spike ball” by pablopunk is marked with CC0 1.0.

Rules of Spikeball Roundnet: playing a game

Serving rules


Who serves?

No, the ball cannot be served by anyone at any time.

  1. The first team to serve is decided by one game of Rock, Paper, Scissors The winning team can choose between serving or choosing their position around the Roundnet.
  2. If team A served first in the first game, team B will serve first in the second game, and if there is a third game, team A will serve first again.
  3. For the rest of the game: the team that won the previous point serves.
  4. The player who has the serve will continue serving until their team loses a point.
  5. When the receiving team wins a point and regains the serve, the player serving cannot be the same as the last time. Players must rotate.


Fair play

No, you can’t catch your opponent off guard…

Before serving, the player who has the service must say out loud the score situation and wait for the OK from the opposing team confirming that the score is correct and that they are ready to receive the serve.


Server and receiver positions

No, you cannot serve the ball with a ninja jump…

  1. At the time of the serve, all players must be away from the net. In official competitions, a circumference —the serving line— is drawn 6 feet from the edge of the net. If you’re playing on the beach, you can trace that line in the sand. In the absence of an official line, it is sufficient to make some marks at the serving positions.
  2. You are not allowed to jump or change position while performing a serve. The serving player must establish their position and from that moment on, they must keep one of their feet fixed on the ground as a pivot, and they can only move the other foot.
  3. Official rules establish that in case of playing two versus two, the player who receives the serve must be the one directly in front of the one who is serving, and it cannot be done by their teammate. Any player may receive the serve in games with a different number of players or more casual games. It’s up to you.


Valid serves. Or not at all...

No, it’s not that easy to make a winning serve….

  1. To serve, the ball is thrown with one hand and hit towards the net with either hand when the ball is at least 10 cm away from the release point. Serves must be hit. The ball may not be caught, carried or thrown. The ball can be hit with any force, up or down, but after bouncing on the net it cannot exceed the height of the opponent with the outstretched arm, in other words, if the receiver has to jump to touch the ball then the serve is not valid.
  2. For the serve to be valid, the ball must bounce once in the net and leave it. Serve is not valid if the ball bounces twice on the net or lands on the net and rolls, even if the ball then leaves the net.
  3. If the server throws the ball with one hand and then does not hit it, it counts as an invalid serve.
  4. The serve is not valid if the ball hits directly the rim or the legs of the Roundnet.
  5. If the server commits a service foul any player on the receiving team may chant -Foul!- until the ball is hit a second time or there is a change of possession.
  6. Receiving team is not obliged to say anything in case of a foul by the serving team and may choose to continue playing.
  7. Second serve: in case of an invalid serve, a second chance will be given. After a second invalid serve, the receiving team wins the point and recovers the serve.
Friends playing Spikeball in park

Rules when ball is in play

After a valid serve, hitting and exchange of possession of the ball begins.


Maximum 3 hits

No, it’s not necessary to return the ball on the first touch…

  1. Like in volleyball, a team can pass the ball before making their next shot to the net, but only a maximum of 3 hits are allowed
  2. If after the third touch the ball does not go to the net, the opposing team wins the point
  3. The same player cannot hit the ball twice in a row.
  4. If two teammates touch the ball at the same time, it will count as two hits. Either of them could make the next touch if they have not yet reached the maximum of three.


Valid hits

Yes, you can hit the ball with your butt…

  1. You can hit the ball with any part of your body.
  2. The ball must be hit, you can not catch it, accompany it, lift it…
  3. On the first stroke of the possession you can touch the ball with two parts of the body simultaneously, counting as a single stroke. Only on the first stroke of possession.
  4. In the first stroke of a possession the ball can touch several parts of the body of the same player consecutively as long as the contacts occur during a single action. or example, it is valid that the ball bounces on the head -to say something- of a player and then the same player hits it with his hand. What is not allowed is to hit twice in a row with the same hand.
  5. You cannot hit with both hands at the same time.
  6. In case of an invalid hit, the other team must report the infraction and will win the disputed point.


Valid bounces

No, not all rebounds on the net are valid…

The team that throws to the net loses the point if…

  1. If the ball hits the rim or legs of the Roundnet.
  2. If the ball touches the ground at any time before going to the net.
  3. If the ball bounces twice on the net or after bouncing on the net touches the rim or a leg.
  4. In the case of an invalid net hit, the opposing team must notify the infraction and wins the disputed point.

On the other hand, it is allowed:

  1. Throw the ball in such a way that it changes its trajectory due to its proximity to the rim as long as it does not touch it. It is not allowed in a serve, but it is allowed in any other hit.
  2. A strong hit that makes the ball fall on the net, roll towards the rim, and then bounce out of the net —roll-up—. It is not allowed in a serve, but it is allowed in any other hit.


It is forbidden to touch the Roundnet

If a player touches the net, the legs or the hoop of the Roundnet with any part of his body during a point, his/her team loses the point in dispute.

icono turnos


Possession changes once the ball leaves the net. No team may touch the ball while it is in contact with the net.

Spikeball Match

Movement and hinder rules

Saque en Roundnet


Players may move as they wish during a point as long as they do not physically impede the opponent’s play.

icono mal


They are obliged to move if they are in the trajectory of movement of the opposing players or the ball. In case of an avoidable hinder, the infringing team loses the point. If the obstruction is unavoidable, the point must be repeated.

Game winning team

icono game over


A game ends when a team reaches the number of points agreed upon at the beginning of the game -15 or 21 points-.

icono game over

+ 2

Games must be won by a two-point difference unless otherwise specified. In the event of a tie at 14-14 or 20-20, play will continue until one of the teams obtains a 2-point advantage.

icono game over


Nor can the game be played forever: a maximum limit of points must be established, which may be 19 points for a 15-point game or 25 points for a 21-point game.

End of match. Who wins?

icono ganador


The first team to win the number of games agreed upon before the start of the match wins the match. If two games have been agreed upon, the match will end in two games if one team wins 2-0 or in three games if one team wins 2-1.

Inspiring videos

We searched and selected a couple of videos.

The first one shows some friends playing probably one of their first Spikeball games. This is how most people play.

The second video shows some cracks that do their best.

icon shopping

Guide and tips for buying a Roundnet

If you feel after reading this article that you and your friends or family are looking forward to hours and hours of fun playing Spikeball, we think these tips will come in handy.

Option 1 - Original Spikeball

Our advice is to trust the SPIKEBALL brand for these reasons:

  1. Because it is the pioneer and most experienced in the market.
  2. Because of the quality of its materials.
  3. Because replacement parts such as the net, supports, and ball can be easily found if needed.
spikeball original

Option 2: Roundnet Decathlon

Decathlon offers a high-quality own-brand roundnet at an affordable price. You can buy online and request home delivery or buy online and pick up in-store.

Water play accessory

Spikeball en el agua

Spikeball has also created an accessory that uses special floats and weights to keep the Spikeball stable in the water, allowing you to play in a pool or on the beach.

It’s mind-blowing!

You’ll find the best price and the best deals on Amazon

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

Spikeball Roundnet is a modern game, probably the youngest sport currently in existence, and that’s why a lot of people aren’t familiar with it. It’s a shame because it’s a fun, appealing, original, and above all, very entertaining game. 100% recommended! Surprise your friends or family on your next trip to the beach, mountains, or park. If they don’t know the game, they’re going to be blown away.

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