Word chain with Origin and Destination

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1 vs.1, Two teams
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-24 min
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In Chain Words with ORIGIN and DESTINATION players must chain an ORIGIN WORD with a DESTINATION WORD with as few words as possible
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Chain word games

Chain word games

Chain word games are a type of word games, almost exclusively spoken, in which players must say words one after another, sequentially, with each word being related to the previous one in some way.

There are many word chain games out there, but in our opinion, the one that offers the best gaming experience is the one we’re about to explain in detail below, a special game where the relationship between words is conceptual, and you must go from an ORIGIN word to a DESTINATION word.

For example:



The sequence could be: DOG > Saint Bernard > Saint > GOD

How to play ” Chain Words with ORIGIN and DESTINATION”.

Things you need to know before starting to play

icon goal

Goal of the game

The goal is to use as few words as possible to go from each ORIGIN WORD to each DESTINATION WORD.

icon players

Number of players

2 to 8 players can play, divided into two teams.

Team formation

For two players, logically it is played 1 vs. 1. For three or more players, two balanced teams are created taking into account their age, experience and knowledge of the language.

icon objects

What do you need to play

A clock or stopwatch to measure time and something to record points after each turn.

turns icon

Number of turns

Before starting to play, the number of turns for the game should be agreed upon. To practice, it is okay to start with a 6-turn game per team We then recommend games of 10 turns per team

Icon dictionary

Selection of origin and destination words

To select the ORIGIN and DESTINATION words for each turn, there are two options:

Option 1: Use a random word generation system or tool.

Option 2: each team proposes words to the opposing team.

We recommend option 2 because it increases competitiveness, eliminates chance, and makes both teams feel involved in the game in each turn.

Icon dictionary

Valid words

Before starting to play, it must be agreed upon which types of words are valid: nouns, verbs, proper nouns, adjectives, city names, etc.

Hourglass icon

Maximum time

It is also necessary to agree on the maximum time that a team has to try to chain the words. We recommend 1 minute.

ico order

Who’s first?

The team with the youngest player starts.

“Chain words with ORIGIN and DESTINATION” Rules: playing a game

Let’s get started!

This is a turn in the game.

Icon dictionary

Selecting the words

The ORIGIN and DESTINATION words to be chained are selected, they are said aloud, and the timer is activated.

For example:

ORIGIN WORD = Swimming pool


icon word

Chain words!

Players taking their turn must think and say their words, trying to go from the ORIGIN word to the DESTINATION word with the fewest possible words.

The sequence could be: POOL > Water > Hose > Firefighter > Fire > HELL

icon rules


It is mandatory to follow this rules:


When playing 1 vs. 1, logically the only player on the team will say all the words. If there are two players, they must alternate their words If there are three or four players, anyone can say a word, but the same player cannot say two words in a row.


Logically, each word must be related to the previous one in some way: they can be part of a common set, be cause and effect, share something among them, etc. Rhymes or other phonetic games are not valid.


If a player says a word that the other team considers to have no relationship with the previous one, the timer stops, and the player who said the word must explain. If the word is accepted, the game continues, and the timer is restarted. If the word is not accepted, the team taking the turn will receive a penalty of 5 points.


When a player says a word the next word has to be related to it, you cannot change or go back to a previous word.

End of turn

The turn ends either when the minute of play ends without being able to link the word ORIGIN with the word DESTINATION, or when they have successfully linked them.

icon calculator

Adding points

At the end of the turn, the scoreboard is updated as follows:

  • If they managed to link the words, they add as many points as words used, excluding the words ORIGIN and DESTINATION.
  • If they DID NOT manage to link the words ORIGIN and DESTINATION, or they said a word unrelated to the previous ones, they add 5 points.

In this game, adding points is not good, it’s bad!

turns icon

Adding points

Once the scoreboard is updated, it’s the other team’s turn.

Game over. Who wins?

icon game over

End of game

The game of Virus ends when a player manages to have four healthy organs of four different colors, thus becoming the winner.

icon winner

And the winner is…

The team with the least points wins. What if there is a tie? One more turn will be played for each team, and so on until a tiebreaker is produced.

The sequence could be: POOL > Water > Hose > Firefighter > Fire > HELL

More word games. If you enjoy word games, we encourage you to visit our Word Games page

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LOODENS rating

Simple, effective, entertaining… It works just as well for having some laughs while having beers with friends, as it does for entertaining children while waiting to board the plane. 100% recommended

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