Guess the sound

Number of players
Recommended age
Competition type
Two teams
Playing time
-60 min
Cost or investment

Brief description of the game

This game is a challenge to the sense of hearing. The essence of the game is simple: something produces a sound and you have to guess what it is.
Table of contents

How to play “Guess the sound”

Things you need to know before starting to play

icon players

Number of players

The game can be adapted to any number of players. If children are playing, the sounds should also be adjusted to their knowledge and age level.

icon objects

What you need to play

Objects you have at home that can be used to generate all kinds of sounds.

team vs team

Team Formation

The game is more fun when played in teams. Create two balanced teams.

icon rounds

Agree on the number of rounds

In a round, each player takes a turn and tries to guess a sound. The ideal number of rounds depends on the total number of players and the amount of time you want to spend playing.

  • For 2 players (1 vs 1) = 6 rounds (12 sounds in total)
  • For 4 players (2 vs 2) = 4 rounds (16 sounds in total)
  • For 6 players (3 vs 3) = 3 rounds (18 sounds in total)
  • For large groups it will be enough to make a single round, 1 sound per player.

However, this is a guideline. You decide!

turns icon

Which team goes first?

In each round the teams will alternate turns guessing one player from each team at a time. The team with the youngest player starts.

Order within the team

We also recommend establishing the order in which players from the same team will participate during a round.

Talking icon.

Selection of sound generators

Each team gathers and secretly agrees on what and how they will generate the sounds. Below you will find a lot of ideas.

Goal of the game

icon goal

Who will win?

The team that demonstrates the best sense of hearing by guessing the most sounds, identifying what makes the sound and in what way, wins.

“Guess the sound” rules: playing a game

Close eyes icon

Visual barrier

Logically, the player who takes the turn should not see how the sound to be guessed is being generated.

The easiest way to achieve this is to have him sit in a chair and have the sound generated behind his back. He/She can also be asked to close his eyes.

Another possibility is to blindfold the player or use some barrier that visually separates the guessing player from the source of the sound, such as a folding screen or an opaque cloth hung in some way, as if it were a curtain.

work icon

Search for object to generate sound

One player from the other team goes to look for the object they had previously decided on, stealthily so as not to give away any clues.

Listen icon

Sound and listen

Sound is generated. It is common for the player who has to guess to hesitate and say “Again! The sound will be generated a maximum of three times.

Juego adivina qué es por su sonido
Question icon

What is it?

Here comes the moment of truth! The player has to say what has made the sound and how, for example, “You crushed a plastic bottle!” or “Scissors cutting through paper!”

If you get it right, one point is added to your team’s score.

turns icon

Next turns

Now it is the turn of a player from the other team. Teams will alternate until a round is completed.

icon rounds

Next rounds

The game continues if it has been agreed to play several rounds.

icon rules

No cheating!

The player whose turn it is may not use any sense other than the sense of hearing.

Your teammates cannot do or say anything to help you. In case of doing so, the turn will be lost without scoring any points.

Jugando a adivinar qué es por su sonido

End of the game. Who wins?

icon game over

Game over

The game ends when the rounds agreed upon before the start of the game have been completed.

icon winner

And the winner is…

The team that guessed the most sounds is the winner.

Examples of sounds

These are just a few examples to spark some ideas:

Level 1: very easy to guess sounds

  1. Sound produced by clapping the hands.
  2. Finger snapping sound.
  3. Sound of door closing.
  4. Sound of a piece of paper being crumpled.
  5. Sound of a drop of water falling into a container filled with water.
  6. Sound of a keyboard when typing.
  7. Sound of kissing.
  8. Sound of a glass filling up with water.
  9. Sound of a drink can being opened.
  10. Sound when closing a metal snap button on a shirt or pants.

Level 2: sounds that may cause doubt

  1. Sound of a pencil writing on paper.
  2. Sound of a zipper being opened or closed.
  3. Sound of a zipper being open or closed.
  4. Sound of a drop of water falling into an empty container.
  5. Sound of a sheet of paper being torn very slowly.
  6. Sound of a plastic bag being crumpled.
  7. Sound of a light switch being flipped.
  8. Sound of a soft drink can being crushed.
  9. Sound of a key turning in a lock.
  10. Sound of Velcro separating.

Level 3: difficult to guess sounds

  1. Sound of a coin spinning on a table.
  2. Sound of a glass or crystal goblet being struck gently with a metal object (can be confused with the sound of a bell).
  3. Sound of a broom sweeping, in a slow motion.
  4. The sound produced by one nail slightly bending another.
  5. Sound generated with the mouth simulating a bottle being opened. If any player has the ability to imitate sounds, it’s time to knock everyone’s socks off.
  6. Sound of a knife passing its blade over the blade of another knife, as if sharpening.
  7. Sound of an electric toothbrush (could be confused with the vibration of a telephone).
  8. Sound of a plastic straw being blown into a glass.
  9. Sound of a sheet of paper being rapidly crumpled and uncrumpled.
  10. Sound of a marble falling into a glass dish.

There are dozens of possibilities. We encourage you to be creative. Look around you, you will surely find dozens of objects with which to create sounds to make it difficult for the opposing team and/or make the game fun. Let your imagination run wild!

Games like “Guess the sound”.

This game is part of a group of games which could be used to organize a real


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TASTE: Guess what it is by its flavor
TOUCH: Guess what it is with touch
HEARING: Guess the sound

Yes, we know, there is one missing, the sight one. We will shortly add a game for it. When? We don’t know yet, but if you follow us on social media, we’ll keep you posted 😉

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LOODENS rating

Each and every one of us, at some point in our lives, should play this game. We also recommend playing it in two versions: playing it innocently with children, and playing it in a more competitive and playful manner with friends who will go to great lengths to find the most unusual, funny, and original sounds, creating situations that will not only make you laugh out loud during the game but will also be remembered fondly over the years when you gather to have some beers. Just a little bit of imagination is all it takes to achieve it! 😉

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