Two truths and a lie

Number of players
Recommended age
Competition type
all vs. all
Playing time
-25 min
Very easy
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Brief description of the game

In Two Truths and a Lie the players tell details about themselves but sneak in some lies between them. The other players must guess what is a lie and what is true.
Table of contents

How to play "Two truths and a lie".

Set up before start playing

icono jugadores


Two Truths and a Lie is an icebreaker game for 2 to 10 players.

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icono rondas


Two truths and a lie is played counterclockwise in turns. In each round each player will have a turn.

You must agree on the number of rounds of the game. Estimate 2 minutes per turn to evaluate how long the game can last and make a decision you all agree on.

icono orden


Someone has to go first: let the person who proposed the game or the host of the meeting start.

Goal of the game

icono objetivo


The objective of the game is to detect the lies of others.

Although Two Truths and a Lie is not usually approached as a competitive game but as a game to break the ice between people who have just met or who want to get to know each other better, or to have a few laughs with the witty lies of each other.

Rules of "Two truths and a lie": playing a game

icono hablar


The player whose turn it is tells the others three things about him or herself. Two must be true and one must be a lie.

Examples of "Two truths and a lie".

Example 1 – Sara says…

I have 7 tattoos

I have a twin sister

I have never been to the beach

Example 2 – Bruno says…

I am a mining engineer

I was born in Paris

I collect teddy bears

Example 3 – David says…

I speak 6 languages

I have 6 dogs

I eat 6 times per day

Example 4 – Julia says…

Yesterday I was fired

I know Rihanna

I am a dubbing actress

icono guiño

Below are many more examples and ideas of lies.

icono hablar


The other players have to think and decide which of the three is the lie. Each one will place his or her bet out loud.


When everyone has made their decision, the player whose turn it is reveals what the lie is. Successful players add one point to their score.

icono guiño


This is likely to be followed by conversations, comments or clarifications on the truths explained – what do you mean, you know Rihanna? At that point we will see our icebreaker game doing its job well ;-) .

icono rondas


The turn is passed to the next player – to the right, counterclockwise – who proceeds in the same way, and so on until everyone has had a turn and a round is completed.


The game continues and the truths and lies will follow one after the other. And also the clarifications, comments and laughs that this game will undoubtedly provoke.

Game over. Who wins?

icono game over


The game ends when all the agreed rounds are completed.

icono ganador


The player with the most points wins because he has caught the most lies.

Tips for playing "Two truths and a lie".

icono consejo


If you host the meeting, prepare trophies for the winners:

Sherlock Holmes

for the player who has detected the most lies.


for the player who has lied the best.

If you feel like it, you can use this trophy that you’ll find on Amazon for just $10.

icono consejo


If the objective of the game is for the people in the group to get to know each other a little better then each player should have a minimum of three turns.

icono consejo


It can be interesting, and will help a lot those who find it difficult to create their truths and lies, to do thematic rounds.

For example, in the first round everyone tells two truths and a lie about their likes or hobbies, in the second round about things they have done in life… and so on and so forth.

Examples of lies to play "Two truths and a lie".

To create your lies or to inspire your truths

Examples of your likes and hobbies

It serves you both what you like the most and what you can’t stand: food, music, hobbies, manias…

  1. I love broccoli
  2. I never eat pizza
  3. My favorite ice cream is mango
  4. I am vegan
  5. I love classical music
  6. I can’t stand reggaeton
  7. I collect beer mugs
  8. I hike every weekend.
  9. I brush my teeth 5 times per day
  10. When I get out of bed, I always step on my right foot first.
  11. I hate social networks. I don’t have an account in any of them
  12. I love skating
  13. I am a teetotaler
  14. My favorite singer is George Michael, I have all of his albums.
  15. I read my horoscope daily
  16. I go jogging every day, at least 1 hour
  17. I love dogs but I can’t have one because I am allergic to them
  18. I love eating with my hands. I do it whenever I can
  19. I am afraid of flying. It causes me to panic
  20. I like to go on vacation alone
  21. I always sleep naked
  22. I am a Buddhist

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Examples of things you've done in your life

Things about your personal or professional background

  1. I have worked as a choreographer for three years
  2. I am a chef
  3. I was traveling in Africa for a year
  4. I have been around the world
  5. I have been married three times
  6. I have never left the country
  7. I have been world champion in paddle tennis
  8. I studied in London until I was 16 years old
  9. I have written three novels
  10. I am an astronaut
  11. I can’t swim
  12. My first job was in a McDonalds
  13. I have recorded two albums
  14. I studied medicine but I have never practiced as a doctor.
  15. I have created an NGO
  16. I can play five musical instruments
  17. I have a clothing store
  18. I have registered a Guinness record
  19. I have tried but I have not been able to get a driver’s license.
  20. I sang in the church choir for more than five years.

Examples of your strengths or weaknesses

Especially interesting if the main objective of the game is for people to get to know each other.

  1. I’m the guy who is always late everywhere I go
  2. I dance terribly
  3. I sing like angels
  4. I’m a cleanliness freak, I can’t help it.
  5. I am very good at drawing and making caricatures.
  6. I am an early riser
  7. I am not tidy, but rather very messy.
  8. I am very good at DIY, I love it
  9. I can’t avoid procrastinating
  10. I am very indecisive. Or is it?
  11. I am very pessimistic. I always look at the bad side of things
  12. I have an entrepreneur’s mentality
  13. I have started many diets but have no consistency. None of them lasted more than a week
  14. I have a shorter memory than Dori. I forget things
  15. I have no sense of orientation
  16. I frequently stumble. And I fall. I am very clumsy

Examples of things that happened to you

Anecdotes, exceptional or curious things…

  1. At a party I was introduced to… Madonna !
  2. Once I got on the wrong train, fell asleep as soon as I sat down and didn’t realize it. I wanted to go to Boston and ended up in Philadelphia
  3. Once I found in the street a bag with a lot of money and… I kept it
  4. I participated as an extra in an episode of Friends
  5. When I was a little girl I fell from a tree 3 meters high and I didn’t hurt myself.
  6. Once when I was stopped at a traffic light with my car I looked to my left and on a motorcycle less than a meter away I had a… Brad Pitt !
  7. I already dropped my cell phone in the toilet five times.
  8. Once I was struck by lightning
  9. I have been on TV four times
  10. I got lost in the mountains and had to be rescued by helicopter
  11. I have tested positive for COVID19 seven times.
  12. I missed the plane to Hawaii. The whole year waiting for the holydays and… in the end nothing
  13. I won the lottery
  14. I was involved in a traffic accident. The car was totaled, but I saved my life

Who will you play “Two truths and a lie” with?

With your partner?

Discover more Games for couples

Or perhaps with friends?

Examples about your environment

About your family, your work or co-workers, the place where you live or have lived…

  1. My father is a veterinarian
  2. My mother is an expert in explosives deactivation.
  3. I have a blond, a brunette and a red-haired brother.
  4. I have twin coworkers
  5. I have a very famous neighbor
  6. We do not have a television at home
  7. I have 3 cats and 3 dogs
  8. I have a cat named Lucas
  9. At home we have one room painted black
  10. I have lived in 7 different cities
  11. I live in a loft and the only space with walls is the bathroom
  12. My mother is Irish and my father is Italian
  13. I have a four year old daughter
  14. My mother is Irish and my father is Italian
  15. I have lived for five years on a 10th floor with no elevator.
  16. My house is painted green on the outside and yellow on the inside.

Variants of "Two truths and a lie".


The winner could also be considered as the player who has slipped in the most lies without being caught, which also has its merit!

Or both. Why can’t there be two winners?

icono guiño


A classic variant is instead of telling two truths and one lie to do the opposite, to tell two lies and one truth.

This variant will only work in groups where the participants have an easy time creating their lies. In that case the game will be even more fun, although it will serve less of a purpose in helping people get to know each other.

And what next?

“Two Truths and a Lie” gets to break the ice, generates complicity between the assistants and creates an atmosphere that invites to something more. 

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logo loodens

LOODENS rating

100% recommended If you have organized a gathering or a party where the participants do not know each other well then this game is perfect because it fulfills three functions: it is fun, it really gets the participants to know each other a little better and it also creates the necessary complicity by raising the “heat” of the group for whatever has to come next.

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