Number of players
Recommended age
Competition type
Two teams
Playing time
-60 min
Very easy
Cost or investment

Brief description of the game

A fun team party game in which singing right or wrong is the least of it. The team that knows more songs that include in their lyrics some kind of word, for example, a city, a number… win the game A game without a name that in LOODENS we have baptized as PING PONG SING A SONG.
Table of contents

How to play “Ping Pong Sing a Song”

Things you need to know before starting to play

icon players

Number of players

From 4 to 20 players, from 16 years old.

icon objects

What you need to play

A timer for a 15-second countdown.

Creating teams

Creating two evenly balanced teams based on age, musical preferences, and knowledge of songs is important.

icon rounds

Agree on the number of rounds

We propose a game with 5 rounds. Each round will be sung fragments of songs that include in their lyrics a word or a type of word.

For example, in each round you have to sing songs that include these words:

Round 1 = colours
Round 2 = cities
Round 3 = female names
Round 4 = men’s names
Round 5 = the word LOVE

This is just an example; you can choose your own words, the possibilities are endless. However, we recommend not choosing overly obscure or convoluted things because if there are few songs with that word, participants will get frustrated, and the gaming experience won’t be enjoyable.

Goal of the game

icon goal

What do you need to do to win?

The team that is able to sing the most songs with the target words in each round wins.

Rules of PING PONG SING A SONG: Gameplay.

Coin toss icon

Who’s first?

Choose heads or tails and toss a coin to decide which team will start.

Let’s assume in this example that the blue team begins.

icon word

The word

Everyone should be clear what word they should include in the songs they will sing in that round.

Let’s assume in this example that we have to sing songs that include in their lyrics a word that is a COLOUR.

turns icon

How to play a round

Next, we’ll explain how to play a round.

The red team presses the timer and gives the blue team 15 seconds to sing a piece of a song that includes a COLOUR.

icono cuenta atrás 15s

For example, a song by The Beatles that everyone knows:

♫ We all live in a YELLOW submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine
We all live in a yellow submarine
Yellow submarine, yellow submarine ♫

Once the song is validated, the blue team presses the timer and gives the red team 15 seconds to sing their song.

For example, a piece of Hotel California by The Eagles

♫ Mirrors on the ceiling
The PINK champagne on ice ♫

Once the song is validated, the red team presses the timer and gives the blue team 15 seconds to sing their song.

icono cuenta atrás 15s
turns icon

How long? Who wins the round?

Turns continue to alternate until one of the teams is unable to propose a song after 15 seconds. The other team becomes the winner of the round.

icon word

Next rounds, new words.

The next round is played exactly the same but with a different word type. And so until you complete all 5 rounds.

icon rules

RULE 1 – about 15 secs.

The 15 seconds are for starting to sing, not for the word to appear while singing. It is perfectly legal for a team to start singing on the second 14 and enjoy singing for 20 seconds until the word appears.

icon rules

RULE 2 – Prepare the song

While the team that has the turn is thinking about their song, the other may already be preparing what they will use when their turn comes. This is not only lawful but also advisable to give less leeway to the opposing team.

icon rules

RULE 3 – Song repetition allowed

You cannot repeat a verse that has already been sung, but you can sing another piece of a song that has already been sung.

For example, if the entire Yellow Submarine chorus has been sung that does not prevent another verse that says “So we sailed on to the sun, Til we found a sea of GREEN” and then another that says “And we live under the waves, in our YELLOW submarine”.

icon rules

RULE 4 – If a verse is repeated

What if a team is clumsy enough to repeat a verse that has already been sung? If the other team realizes it must warn them and they automatically become the winners of the round.

icon rules

RULE 5 – Incorrect word

One team can contest the song chosen by the other team. For example if the word played has to be a CITY and a team starts to sing all excited “Sweet home Alabama!” … it’s no good because Alabama is not a city, it’s a state. After clearing the error, the team that made the mistake loses the round.

icon rules

RULE 6 – Minimum of two singers

No need for everyone to know the song. If two players sing, the song is considered valid.

End of the game. Who wins?

icon game over

Game over

The game ends when all the agreed rounds are completed.

icon winner

And the winner is…

The team that has won the most rounds wins the game.

Tips for playing “Ping Pong Sing a Song”

tip icon


It is important that you agree if words in any language are valid.

tip icon


To time the 15 seconds, you can use a mobile phone.

tip icon


To control the 15 seconds, although the most immediate is to think of the mobile Clock app, it is more practical to have a 15-second hourglass.

Word ideas

The game does not run out if you change the type of word to sing. Here you have more ideas of concrete words: forever, kiss, crazy, happy, girl, moon, sky… and of types of words: body parts, vehicles, musical styles…

Sam Moreton conducted a study based on a million songs to discover which words are most commonly used in songs, and here are the top words according to his conclusions.


For songs in Spanish you can use the frequency list from 100 pop songs of the year 2015.

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

We have played this game at various parties with friends and if you create two balanced teams the game is very fun. It is important that the rules are clear to everyone before starting and that you get a good control of the times. We encourage you to try it!


❤️ Acknowledgements: thank you Maite for helping us to clarify the rules of the game, and to choose an attractive name for it.

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