Cards Against Humanity

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all vs. all
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-90 min
Very easy
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Brief description of the game

Cards Against Humanity is a hooligan party game designed with three goals: laugh, laugh and laugh. Players associate to each “question card” one of their “answer cards” to make the question-answer combination as fun as possible. Those who are unwilling to listen to rude, irreverent, politically incorrect or out-of-tone combinations should abstain. Fun is assured!
Juego "Cartas contra la humanidad"
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Ejemplo del juego "Cartas contra la humanidad"

How to play "Cards Against Humanity"

Set up before start playing

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Cards Against Humanity is a commercial game but a free print-and-play version is distributed from the game’s official website under a Creative Commons license. Below you will find links to the printable versions and a buying guide with all versions and expansions..

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It is a game for 4 to 20 players over 17 years old. It is a party game for adults although there is an expansion for families.

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Cards Against Humanity is played with two types of cards: question cards —black cards— and answer cards —white cards—.

Party game "Cards Against Humanity"
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Cards Against Humanity is played in rounds. In each round a player will act as judge -or CZAR, as it is called in the official rules of the game- and will determine who wins the point of that round.

In order to be fair all players have to play CZAR the same number of times so the total number of rounds should be a multiple of the number of players. Or not. Who cares? In the end, it’s all about having fun and laughing.

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The official rules of the game state that the first CZAR must be the player who has done the least time that…that…. who has pooped! 😂 Just with that detail alone we can already get an idea of the type of questions and answers included in the game.

Goal of the game

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The goal of Cards Against Humanity is to create the most fun question-answer combination.

"Cards Against Humanity" rules: playing a game

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All players draw 10 white cards at random without being seen by the others.



The player acting as CZAR in that round takes a black card and reads it aloud.



Each player chooses one of his/her white cards that he/she considers to have the funniest text to respond to the black card and hands it face down to the CZAR.



CZAR shuffles all the letters received to avoid knowing who each one is from and then reads them aloud one at a time. You should read the question each time, not just the answer, so that the context is clearer in all of them.

This is the most fun moment of the game. Enjoy it.



CZAR decides which answer is the one he or she found most amusing. The player to whom the chosen card belongs reveals its identity and adds one point to his score.



The white cards used are discarded and all players draw a new card to have 10 white cards again.

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CZAR pass the turn to the player on his right, counterclockwise, who becomes the new CZAR and the game is played again in the same way.

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity” by Henry Söderlund is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Special rules

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Some black cards are not questions but a sentence with a fill in the blank to be filled in with the proposals of the players’ white cards.

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Some black cards require players to play two white cards instead of one. In this case, the order in which the white cards are read is important, so the CZAR will have to shuffle the cards without separating or disordering each player’s pair of cards. You can use paper clips to group each pair.

icono reglas del juego


If a player has two white cards with which he believes he can win the round, he has the possibility of playing both of them on account of one of the points obtained in another round. If he/she wins, he/she recovers the point and also adds the won point. If the player loses, the point he/she has gambled is won by the player who has won the round.

icono reglas del juego


In addition to the ordinary rules, which are the ones we are explaining in LOODENS, the game includes a list of rules that the authors call “alternative rules”, more or less crazy proposals that we leave you to discover for yourself if you get hold of the game.

Game over. Who wins?

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The game ends when the number of rounds agreed at the beginning is completed.

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The player with the most points is the winner.

Where and how to get "Cards Against Humanity".

Free print-and-play versions

Free printable versions of Cards Against Humanity are available. They are offered by the creators of the game from their official website, some of them created by themselves and others by collaborators who have translated the cards into different languages. All under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

This option forces you to print and cut out all the cards. Consider whether it is really worth it, taking into account the cost -paper and ink-, the work involved in cutting all the letters and the quality of the final result, which will depend especially on the type of paper you use.

Buy "Cards Against Humanity".

Option 1

If you have decided to buy it, we would like you to buy it directly from the authors website: Why? Because Cards Against Humanity is a game created by a group of friends to have fun at a New Year’s Eve party, and we love that. Then they got funding through the crowfunding platform Kickstarter to market it and luckily it has succeeded. They also offer these print-and-play versions to make their game accessible to those who can’t afford the original game, and we love that even more.

Visit their store here:

Option 2

If you are an Amazon Prime user and want to take advantage of the benefits offered by your subscription we leave here links to the different Cards Against Humanity products.

  • The original game: in English. Contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum replayability.


  • Family Editon: 300 new cards with new proposals, more familiar.
  • Green Box: 300 new cards.
  • Blue Box: 300 new cards.
  • Nasty Bundle: compilation of expansions with 190 cards classified in 6 categories: period pack, weed pack, ass pack, saves America pack, Picture pack 2 and Picture pack 2.
  • Nerd Bundle: compilation of expansions with 192 cards classified in 6 categories: fantasy pack, sci-fi pack, www pack, geek pack, A.I. pack and human pack.
  • Hidden Gems Bundle: compilation of expansions with 190 new cards classified in 7 categories: pride pack, seasons greetings pack, science pack, food pack, dad pack and college pack.
  • Absurd Box: adds 300 cards with an “absurd” touch or focus
  • Everything Box: 300 new cards with “a little bit of everything”.

As you can see, they have released a lot of expansions. Why? Because the game works and the thousands of players who have already enjoyed it want more. Are you missing out?

amigos jugando a Friends Against Humanity

Lauren’s BBQ” by Jon Åslund is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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LOODENS rating

A party game perfect for groups who want to have a lot of laughs and do not mind to hear some rude, irreverent, politically incorrect or out-of-tone, but always funny occurrences from time to time. That’s the spirit of the game! Absolutely recommended.

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