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It’s not a competitive game.
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-120 min
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In a karaoke session, players sing while an instrumental version of a song is played and its lyrics are projected on a screen. Singing well or singing badly is the least of it. All that matters is feeling inside those songs that move us and share that moment with friends or family.
karaoke en casa
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karaoke en nochevieja

We propose several ways to enjoy a good karaoke session at home, from the most basic and free option, enough to have a good time having fun in one-off sessions, to the most sophisticated option, recommended for those who enjoy karaoke at home regularly or those who want to offer the best experience to their guests.

Tips to enjoy a good karaoke at home

We all know that if we type in the YouTube search engine for example “Still loving you with lyrics” we get dozens of results of videos with the music of the song and its lyrics as a subtitle.

We might think… Well, that’s it! We already have karaoke! But we really don’t.

Most of these videos have been created by individuals and do not offer a good karaoke experience. Maybe some of them do, but finding them can be like playing lottery, and if we have to try four or five videos —receiving YouTube advertising on each one of them— to find one that is good, the dynamics and experience of the karaoke session at home will not be very good. Supposedly we want to have fun singing and not spend most of our time doing a tedious trial-error.

And what distinguishes a good karaoke video from a bad one? In our experience, three things:

1 – The time lag between the appearance of the lyrics on the screen and the music: it is imperative that the lyrics appear when they are supposed to appear, a second or two before the moment when the phrase is to be sung. But in some videos the lyrics appear too late, just at the moment when you have to sing or even after, and that is frustrating for those who don’t know the lyrics of the song.

2 – The font must be easy to read.we have to read on screen and we also have to read fast, but some authors don’t take into account this, projecting the lyrics of the song in subtitles with a font too small, or with a color that doesn’t well contrast with the background, or with a font that is not easy to read. Or all three at once.

3 – The music should be as close to the original as possible: songs are copyrighted so it is very rare to find a karaoke video with the original music with the audio track of the vocal performance removed. Most karaoke videos offer a different version of the original. And some are very good, recorded by professional musicians, but others are not so good.

4 – Large catalog: the karaoke session will be much more fluid and fun if we find a good author or provider of karaoke videos that offers many songs. Surely better than starting a new search and a trial-and-error process for each song.

Amigos cantando en karaoke casero

Options to do karaoke at home

We have already said that the quickest and easiest way to do karaoke at home is to use YouTube. We have also said that if we type in the search engine “Still loving you with lyrics” we can find anything in the search results. However, if we type “karaoke Still loving you” the results will improve. And do you know why? Because professional videos created by YouTube Channels specialized in karaoke will start to appear.

And that’s where we’re headed. Yes, there are YouTube Channels specialized in karaoke, perfect for doing karaoke at home in a simple, fast, free and no registration way. And we are going to recommend you the best ones.

WORD TO THE WISE: YouTube videos include advertising. While the videos may satisfy the requirements we have described above, we shouldn’t forget that we are going to eat advertisements before the playback of each video, and that can also make the karaoke session not good. That’s why we will offer more professional options later.

SING KING KARAOKE offers a large catalog, with more than 3,700 videos of all musical genres. The music is not the original but in most of the songs you won’t notice the difference. Sound is good. Lyrics are projected in large, clear letters on a black background. Each video is a song and there are playlists with songs with some common characteristic: artist, decade, album, musical genre, etc.

Link to YouTube channel: Sing King Karaoke

Below are two screenshots so you can see how the covers of their videos look like and also how they project the lyrics of the songs, although this last one may vary a little bit from one video to another:

Portada de vídeo de Sing King karaoke
Sing King karaoke, captura

KaraFun is a company specializing in karaoke. They offer a part of their catalog -about 8,000 songs- on their free Youtube channel and the rest of their very complete catalog with more than 53,000 songs, along with a lot of interesting extras, and of course ad-free, as a subscription.

We focus now on the free version of Karafun and then talk about the paid options.

8,000 songs are a lot of songs, and the videos are very professional. Music is almost indistinguishable from the original and the presentation of the lyrics is very good. As in Sing King, each video is a song and they offer playlists grouping songs by different characteristics.

Link to YouTube channel: Karafun karaoke

This is how KARAFUN’s videos look like:

karaoke en casa con KARAFUN
Captura de karafun karaoke

STINGRAY KARAOKE is also a company specializing in karaoke, although the catalog of songs they offer for free on YouTube is smaller than KARAFUN’s, about 2,800 songs of all musical genres. Music and sound are also very good. The video and lyrics aesthetics are good, although not always the same because some videos are produced by Stingray and others by Karaoke Channel -which is a bit confusing-. In addition to videos of individual songs and playlists, they offer long videos, some of them over an hour long, in which songs with a common characteristic are played consecutively: of an artist, of a decade, of a musical style…

Link to YouTube channel: Stingray karaoke

Below are a couple of screenshots so you can see the aesthetics of their covers and lyrics:

Portada de Stingray karaoke
Karaoke Stingray captura

About the Stingray and Karaoke Channel relationship: Stingray Karaoke is a division of Stingray Digital Group, a Canadian media company that offers a wide variety of music and video services across television, radio, internet and mobile devices. Stingray Digital Group acquired Karaoke Channel in 2011 and has added some of its videos to its catalog. Stingray Karaoke and Karaoke Channel operate as separate brands: Stingray Karaoke offers online karaoke videos through its YouTube channel and mobile app and Karaoke Channel offers pay-TV karaoke services worldwide, although some of its videos are offered on the Stingray Karaoke YouTube channel.

If you’re looking for Spanish songs, this YouTube channel is your best bet.

With 1,300 songs spanning various styles and eras, from Latin boleros of the ’70s to iconic tunes from the ’80s Madrid music scene, and all the way to the latest hits from artists like Rosalía and other contemporary musicians.

The music is nearly identical to the original, high-quality, and the lyrics are easy to follow, presented on time. It’s really well done.

Here’s the link to the YouTube channel: Karaoke Media.

Karaoke from free websites

CantaOkey is a website that offers selected YouTube videos categorized by artists and musical genres.

The videos are from individuals or small YouTube channels, and logically we could play them from YouTube itself, it is not necessary to do it from this website. So what does CantaOkey bring to the table? Well, supposedly they have selected the best video for each song, saving us the trial-error, and offer them categorized by artists and music genres.

You will not find on this page any video of Sing King, Karafun or Stingray because it would infringe their copyrights. In fact, it is not clear that all the videos they offer are copyright compliant, but we understand – and the creators of this site should do the same – that this is a matter for YouTube, the rights owners and the individuals who have created those videos.

This website is free and does not require registration, but we must take into account that we will receive advertising on two sides: from each YouTube video and the one inserted by the website itself.

While for some users this website may be practical and convenient, for many others it doesn’t provide a good experience to do karaoke at home because each video is different from the other both in aesthetics and quality. It is no longer a lottery, because they are supposed to be selected, but it is very rare, and some videos have a low quality. And then there is the issue of advertising.

Link to the website: CantaOkey

karaoke en casa en familia

Professional multi platform Karaokes


Fortunately for karaoke lovers there are professional solutions at very affordable prices that ensure maximum quality, respect for copyright, absence of advertising and also include extras highly valued by the millions of users around the world.

For us, KARAFUN is the paid karaoke that offers the best value for money.

Offers a multi-platform solution, allowing access to songs via web using any web browser or through APPs available for Windows, IOS and Android.

Catalog is premium, more than 53,000 songs, and includes a lot of extras: you can download songs for offline playback, customize the playback pitch (lower or higher pitched) and tempo (faster or slower), create a queue of songs, etc.

Three licenses are available:

Free: with a few free songs so you can try before you pay.

Premium: with unlimited access to the entire catalog and all functionalities for only $7.99 per month, cancelable at any time.

Pro: for bars, pubs or public events, includes commercial license, advanced remote features and customization, $49/month.

We recommend the Karafun Premium subscription whether you love karaoke and are going to use it regularly or for a one-off party, as you can subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you want. For such a low price you can offer a professional karaoke experience to your guests, no advertising and a never-ending catalog.

Website link: Karafun

It is also a multiplatform system, although its rates are very different from those of Karafun. For the web version you pay for individual songs $1.99, for packs of 10 songs $15.99 for packs of 25 songs $34.99. For Android or IOS APP version you pay a subscription of $9.99 per week or $14.99 per month. Catalog is about 20,000 songs.

Website link: Stingray karaoke

Amigos haciendo karaoke en casa

Karaoke at home with game consoles

Yes, there are also video games with karaoke background. However, in our opinion, it is not the best option for a karaoke session at home.

Here we explain which games are the best sellers and their characteristics so you can decide if this option is of interest to you or not.

LET’S SING is not really a karaoke to enjoy singing, but a competitive video game where the best singer wins. It is also true the game incorporates a Jukebox mode that acts as a karaoke, with no competition. However, you must take into account that in these games the number of songs is very limited, between 25 and 30 songs depending on the game edition and version.

Honestly, if what you want is to do karaoke at home, then for the price of one of these games you pay the subscription to Karafun for many months and have access to 53,000 songs. Far better.

Here, you can check the price, availability, and editions of Let’s Sing on Amazon

The same as we have said about Let’s Sing. It is a video game rather than a karaoke, although it includes a Freestyle mode. Editions include 30 songs. It is published by Sony so it is only available for Play Station.

Here, you can check the price, availability, and editions of SingStar on Amazon.

karaoke en casa con la familia

Microphones & Audio Systems

We do not think it is necessary to use microphones or special sound equipment to do karaoke at home with family or friends.

A Smart TV or laptop can be sufficient, perhaps connecting the audio output to your stereo or to a quality portable speaker. In case of using a phone app, the screen and sound capabilities may not be sufficient, so you will need to connect the phone to a TV or laptop.

It’s different if the karaoke is one of the entertainment centers in a party. Then we recommend you think carefully about the karaoke set up.

And possibilities for the setup are infinite, too many. If you search for “karaoke” on Amazon, the number of products that appear is overwhelming, and the task of comparing to choose a suitable product becomes titanic.

That’s why at LOODENS, we recommend going for the practical option and trusting the best-selling and top-rated products. And those products are as follows.

If you want an independent, portable, high-quality system that includes two microphones, the best option on Amazon is this:

karaoke independiente

It’s the JYX-55 model from the prestigious brand JYX. It’s the best-selling karaoke on Amazon, with the highest ratings and reviews. Its price usually hovers around $139. You can check the current price and deals for the JYX-55 on Amazon from here.

If you’re going to do karaoke at home and have a good music system, then one or two quality microphones will be enough. In this case, besides quality, it’s essential to make sure that the microphone’s connection is compatible with the television or music system we’re going to connect it to.

The most convenient option is to go for wireless microphones, and in this case, the best product on Amazon is this:

Micrófonos inalámbricos

The receiver connects with a universal 6.35mm jack to any compatible device like TV, DVD players, amplifiers, mixing boards, etc. The sound quality is excellent, and the transmitter/receiver offers a stable signal with a good range.

It’s the TW820 model from the prestigious microphone brand TONOR . Its price usually hovers around $159, but there are often great deals on Amazon. You can check the current price and deals for the TW820 from Tonor on Amazon from here.

Summary and conclusion

To do occasional karaoke at home, we think it is more than enough with the three YouTube channels that we have proposed. And we do not think it is necessary to invest in expensive microphones and speakers, or cheap ones that do not provide a good experience.

If the karaoke sessions are going to be regular or you are planning a private party, we think that the best option is the Karafun Premium subscription and in case you are planning a private party, you would need a good audio system and maybe one or two microphones. And for public events, you have the Pro subscription option.

Whatever you decide, have a good time and enjoy that musical moment together!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day and an even better night 😉

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You don’t have to be a good singer to enjoy what karaoke is all about. In the end, it’s all about feeling inside that song that moves you and sharing that emotion with your friends or family. Have you ever sung Bohemian Rhapsody with your friends at the top of your lungs? There is magic in that song and that magic is multiplied by sharing it with others. Try it!

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