Beer pong

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1 vs.1, 2 vs. 2
Playing time
-20 min
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Beer Pong is a social drinking game that blends skill and fun, involving tossing ping pong balls into opponents’ beer cups. Aim, sink, drink, and win! Keep reading to discover its rules, variations, tricks, tips, and more.
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Amigos jugando a Beer Pong en dos equipos

How to play: “Beer pong” rules

We assume you’re familiar with the basic rules of all drinking games.

Drinking a lot or drinking too quickly is very dangerous. Please, read the Drinking Game Warnings before playing any drinking game.

Things you need to know before starting to play

icon players

Number of players

Beer Pong is a game for 2 versus 2 competition, but you can adapt the rules to play with two teams of any number of players, and of course, it can also be played 1 versus 1.

icon objects

What you need to play

  • Ping pong balls, a minimum of 2.
  • 20 plastic or paper cups, sized similarly to a pint of beer (approximately 8 fingers in height).
  • A table.
Beer pong set up
beer pong table

The table

Any table that accommodates the cups can be used, but the best gaming experience is achieved on an elongated table, approximately 8 feet long (2.44 meters) and a minimum of 2 feet wide (0.61 meters).

beer pong cups icon

The cups

Place 10 cups in the shape of a pyramid or triangle at each end of the table, with one of their tips pointing towards the opposing team. You can also play with 6 cups per team.

case of beer

The beer

Beer is essential in Beer Pong. Add beer to each cup until it’s half or two-thirds full. The quantity should be agreed upon by all players.

large icon

Launching distance

A distance of 8 feet (around 2.5 meters) from the launching line to the end of the opposing team’s cup pyramid is recommended.

Reglas del Beer Pong, distancia de lanzamiento
beer pong ball rebound

The ping pong balls

Any type of ping pong ball can be used.

Goal of the game

icon goal

How to win a BEER PONG game

Beer Pong is all about getting those ping pong balls to land in the opposing team’s cups.

Rules of BEER PONG: Gameplay

There are various versions of the game, including official rules for international championships.

We’ll go over the classic Beer Pong rules and share some exciting variants that can take your party or get-together to the next level.

Coin toss icon

Who’s first?

Choose heads or tails and toss a coin to decide which team will start.

turns icon


The game is played in turns, with each team taking their shots. During their turn, every player on the team makes a throw.

Here are the rules of the game, explaining how a turn is played.

Beer Pong rules, ball throwing.

Rule 1 – Ball throwing

Each player on the team takes their shot, aiming for one of the opposing team’s cups. However, they don’t throw simultaneously. First one player, then the other.

Any type of shot is allowed: a direct throw or an indirect one that bounces the ball on the table.

The thrower’s hand must be behind the throwing line when releasing the ball. Otherwise, the throw is invalid and must be repeated.

Beer Pong rules, cup

Rule 2 – In!

If a ball lands inside a cup, a player from the receiving team must remove the ball from the cup and drink the beer it contains. That cup is then set aside, reducing the number of cups on the table. The others remain untouched in their original positions.

Beer Pong rules, double.

Rule 3 – Double!

But first, the cups that were sunk must be removed from the table, and the receiving team must drink their content. Pero antes, los vasos encestados se deben retirar de la mesa y el equipo receptor debe beber su contenido.

Rule 4 – Double in the same cup!

If both players score in the same cup — yes, it happens! — then the throwing team gets TWO additional turns, and the receiving team, in addition to the cup that was sunk, must remove and drink the contents of a second cup chosen by the throwing team.

Beer Pong rules, ball goes in and out.

Rule 5 – In and out

If the ball lands inside a cup but is first “embraced” by the beer and then “spit out” to land outside of any cup, the throw does not count as a hit and is not repeated.

Beer Pong rules, rebounds.

Rule 6 – Rebounds

Rebounds are valid, for better or for worse. Throwbacks are not repeated. The result of the throw is determined when the ball comes to a stop.

Beer Pong rules, if only one cup is left

Rule 7 – Stay Put!

The receiving team cannot, in any way, alter the trajectory or movement of the ball.

turns icon

Nest turn

After the throws have been made and any possible penalties executed, it’s the next team’s turn.

End of the game. Who wins?

icon winner

And the winner is…

The classic version of Beer Pong states that the game ends when one team successfully scores in all of the opponents’ cups, making them the winning team.

But there are much more fun variations!

Variations for a more enjoyable Beer Pong.

You can add one or more of the rule variations we explain below to your game.

Variant 1 – More punishment for the losers..

The losing team has to drink all the beer left in the cups of the winning team

Variant 2 – Gentleman’s Agreement Finale.

This is a new way to end the game and determine the winner. It only makes sense if you also add variant 1.

Once a team has been scored on in their last cup – for now, they are the losing team – they are given the opportunity to remove some of the cups from the winning team and even win the game. We’ll call this chivalrous act by the team that was about to win ‘rematch opportunity’.

Removing cups.

Reglas Beer Pong, eliminando vasos

Each player on the team executing the rematch has the opportunity to throw until they miss. The other team, the chivalrous one, will remove the successfully scored cups.

This means that a player can score all the remaining cups as long as they don’t miss. Once they miss, their partner has the same opportunity. Once the second player misses, the game is over.

Does the chivalrous team have to drink those scored cups? You decide!


Reglas Beer Pong, si solo queda un vaso

If the supposedly winning team had only one cup left, then the team executing the rematch will only have:

  1. One shot if the other team scored in the last cup with the first shot of their turn.
  2. Two shots if they did it with the second shot.

Failed Rebuttal.

Icono error

If, after the shots, you don’t manage to score in all the cups, then the revenge attempt has failed, and the supposedly losing team officially becomes the loser. They must drink all the beer from their cup and any remaining cups from the opposing team.

Successful Rebuttal

Icono exito

If the team that counter-shoots manages to score in all the cups, then a tie occurs. The game isn’t over yet, and it’s not clear who the winner will be. A new game starts, but with only three cups per team, and it’s played the same way. And so on until one of the teams manages to win.

Tips and Tricks for Playing “Beer Pong”

tip icon

Protecting the table

If the table could get damaged from spills, protect it with a tablecloth, plastic cover, or a mat. There will definitely be spills. Have a rag on hand, and if you’re really prepared, a mop and bucket.

tip icon


For goodness sake, clean the ping pong balls before throwing them! Many players have two cups of water on the table for ball cleaning before each throw.

icono compras

Tips and buying guide

You can purchase cups and ping pong balls at many local stores. But beware of the size and durability of the cups. Not all are suitable. We recommend buying a pack designed and manufactured specifically for playing Beer Pong.

Option 1
Beer Pong set with cups and balls.

We suggest getting a set of cups and balls designed with the right size for Beer Pong like the ones you can find on Amazon.

Based on ratings and reviews, the best Amazon product is this one

Beer Pong pack de bolas y vasos

100 cups and 10 balls at an unbeatable price with excellent ratings and reviews. Cups are made of polypropylene, 473ml in size, 12 cm tall, and 9 cm in diameter at the top.

Without a doubt, it’s the Amazon product with the best balance of quality, quantity, and price.

Check the current price and offers on Amazon.

Option 2
Beer Pong Packs with Cups, Balls, and Mat.

This product is fantastic and you can get it on Amazon for less than $40.

Tapete/Alfombra para jugar a Beer Pong

It includes a fantastic plastic table cover measuring 180 cm x 60 cm, 50 red cups, 4 ping pong balls with printed logos, and two cases, plus a carrying bag for the entire pack.

Check the current price and offers on Amazon.

Option 3
Super Beer Pong Pack with Table

And if Beer Pong is going to be part of your life from now on, don’t hesitate to invest in a table and turn your parties into everyone’s envy. It’s also an excellent gift!

This table measures 2.44 meters long and 61 centimeters wide. It includes slots to hold the 20 game cups and two more for cleaning cups. It folds for easy transport and storage.

It also comes with 50 red cups, 50 blue cups, and 6 balls. And its price usually doesn’t go over $60!

Without a doubt, it’s the Amazon table with the best balance of quality, quantity, and price. Thousands of positive reviews and an excellent rating.

Check the current price and offers on Amazon.

Option 4
Beer Pong inflatable for the pool.

Yes! Inflatable mats for playing Beer Pong exist too! Isn’t that great?

Colchoneta inflable para jugar a Beer Pong

This one, due to its size, durability, ratings, and good reviews, is the best one Amazon offers.

It measures 175 cm in length x 75 cm in width. It includes 24 cups (12 blue and 12 red) and two ping pong balls. It has a quick valve that allows for inflation with automatic systems and deflation up to 5 times faster than with a classic valve. Its price usually ranges around $25.

Check the current price and offers on Amazon.

And that’s all there is to it, which is quite something.

We hope these ideas bring you many hours of fun.

And remember, the purpose of drinking games is not to get wasted, but to merge two timeless social activities – playing and having a few drinks with friends – into a single experience. It’s a perfect two-in-one if done smartly and responsibly.

Warnings about drinking games

The drinking games described on this website are intended for adults of legal drinking age only

It is illegal to consume beer and alcohol if you are under the age of consent in the state/country/ territory you are in. So DON’T do it.

Drinking and driving is seriously dangerous and deadly. Alcohol messes with reflexes and judgment. Risk your license, hurt yourself, or others. Same goes for biking, machinery, and troublemaking while drunk. Legal limit doesn’t matter; don’t mix drinking and driving. Have a sober driver, grab a cab, or bus if playing drinking games.

Everybody’s got their own tolerance level; you know yours, and even if someone try to push you, don’t to go beyond it.

Drinking too much and too quickly can result in injuries or even death, and ongoing excessive use can lead to alcohol addiction. So, please avoid it to prevent harm.

Neither the author nor the publisher takes any responsibility for any injuries that might occur from playing these games.

Please, drink and play responsibly!

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

Beer Pong is the perfect party game as it combines social interaction with a competitive and loads-of-fun skill game. For us, it’s a must-have game, not just for any friends’ get-together, but for almost all of them. Guaranteed laughs and fun.

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