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Who wouldn’t be excited to fly a drone? On this page, we suggest 6 games to enjoy the thrill of flying and to compete with friends or family. From the simplest game to real obstacle and speed competitions.
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Who wants to fly a drone?

Imagine at your next get-together with friends or family, after an amazing barbecue, you surprise everyone by placing one or two drones on the table. Curiosity will take over, and when you announce a drone-flying competition, that curiosity will turn into excitement and a strong desire to be the first to try it.

We’re going to suggest several games you can play with very affordable, safe, and durable drones designed for indoor flying.

Alternatively, you can opt for slightly larger drones with better features that can be used for other purposes. It’s up to you!

All the games we suggest can be played in three modes:

Mode 1 – Live Competition: Two or more players with identical drones compete in different challenges, all at the same time, like a Formula 1 race. This is the most fun and competitive mode.

Mode 2 – Timed Competition: If you only have one drone, you can compete by timing how long it takes each player to complete each game.

Mode 3 – Solo: Of course, you can also play alone, simply for the pleasure of flying a drone or challenging yourself to improve your completion times.

And what are the games? We’ll explain them below, ordered from easiest to most difficult. If you’ve never flown a drone before, start with Game 1, then move on to Game 2, and so on.

For these explanations, we’ll assume you’re competing in Mode 1, with at least two drones at once.

Drone games

Drone Game #1 – Race and Land

This is the simplest game, perfect for beginners.

Set up a takeoff point and a landing zone for each drone, with the same flight distance for all players.

At the signal “3, 2, 1, go!” everyone takes off, and the first to land correctly within their landing zone wins.

You can use a tile, books, or sheets of paper with circles drawn on them as landing zones. We’ve prepared a PDF template with four landing zones in different colors that you can print and cut out, like the ones shown in the image below.

Want more of a challenge? Add some obstacles to the flight path, such as having to fly over a table. Or take off from under a table and land on a chair. Let your imagination run wild!

Drone Game #2 – Passing through a Hoop

This game adds a challenge to the previous one. Between takeoff and landing, each player must pass through a hoop, similar to this:

dron volando por aro

To increase competitiveness and fun, you can use a single hoop that all players must pass through. The winner is the first player to take off, pass through the hoop, and land correctly in their landing zone.

Want more of a challenge? You can also set up multiple hoops that players must pass through in a specific order. Or use hoops of progressively smaller sizes.

For hoops, you can use pool noodles, hula hoops, or anything else at home that resembles a hoop. You can even create one from cardboard by drawing and cutting it out from a large cardboard box. Then hang it from the ceiling or a lamp with a string or thread.

Drone Game #3 – Death Tunnel

In this game, the added challenge is not passing through a hoop but through a tunnel. Something like this:

Yes, we know it’s more difficult, but you don’t need to create a very long or narrow tunnel. You can use large boxes with openings cut into two of their sides. And you’re all set!

Drone Game #4 – Obstacle Course

When overcoming obstacles, passing through hoops, and navigating tunnels starts to seem too easy, it’s time to do it ALL at once.

We propose creating a circuit with all the skill challenges.

Drone Game #5 – Blind Circuit

If you have drones with cameras and can pilot them even without visual contact, you’ll love this game.

Turn your house into a circuit, a giant obstacle course where players must pilot their drones through rooms, around corners, and even through windows—whatever you can safely manage without risking anything or anyone.

Drone Game #6 – Aerial Battle

Some drones come with an “aerial battle” system. What does that mean? It means they have an infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) system that allows them to “shoot” at other drones. How cool is that?

You can imagine what this game is about: you have to “eliminate” other drones to be the last survivor or the one that has hit the most. How do you know if a drone has been hit? Some drones sound an acoustic alert, while others automatically land if they’ve been hit. Spectacular, right?

Types of Drones

If any of these games has piqued your interest, the next step is to learn a bit about drones and invest in one or two that fit your needs.

There are several types of drones, designed for different purposes. Let’s classify them into three groups and recommend the best ones in each category.

Group 1 – Micro drones WITHOUT camera

They are very small, true “mosquito drones” that fit in the palm of your hand and weigh very little.

  • They are very affordable
  • The propellers are protected.
  • They are highly durable, designed to withstand impacts.
  • Battery life is limited.
  • They do not have a camera.
  • Outdoors, even a light breeze can blow them off course.

These drones are ideal for beginners and indoor play. They are safe and durable.

Group 2 – Micro drones WITH camera

These are similar to the previous ones but include a camera, which adds a lot of versatility, pun intended.

  • They are very affordable
  • They are highly durable, designed to withstand impacts.
  • Battery life varies depending on the model.
  • Outdoors, they become uncontrollable in windy conditions.

With these budget-friendly drones, you need to use a mobile phone to see what the drone sees. The drone’s camera captures the image and transmits it to the mobile phone in real time. The controller has a holder to securely attach the mobile phone.

Group 3 – MINI drones WITH camera

They are called MINI drones because, despite being larger than MICRO drones, they are still very small compared to the wide range of drones available on the market.

LThe European Aviation Safety Agency (aesa.eu) classifies them in the most basic category A1-C0, which allows them to be used without the need for registration, flight permits, or passing any piloting exams.

A1 – C0 = small drones weighing less than 250 grams. They can fly over people but not over crowds of people. The pilot is only required to thoroughly read the manual.

You can consult the official regulations here:

Drone Laws by countries, states and cities

  • Longer battery life
  • Increased control range
  • Higher quality camera
  • Suitable for outdoor flying
  • Perfect for flights without direct vision
  • They are more expensive
  • If you want to include hoops and tunnels as obstacles, they will need to be considerably larger.

They are not drones designed solely for playing games but rather for enjoying piloting, flights, and capturing spectacular images with their cameras. However, you can certainly race and create obstacle courses with them.

They are better suited for competitions without direct vision because their cameras are of higher quality. Some models even have their own screen in the flight control system, eliminating the need for a mobile phone or app, which is much more convenient and efficient.

Final tips: What type of drone and model should you choose?

Well, it depends.

If you just want to compete and have fun, go for drones from Group 1.

If you value having a camera to enhance your games, and since you have it, to take some cool aerial photos or spy on your dog… Group 2.

If any camera won’t do, or you want to fly it outdoors whether it’s windy or not, and you value longer battery life, higher quality, and even plan to use it more professionally, go for Group 3.

Whatever you decide, use your drone responsibly and have a great time!

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