Drunk UNO

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all vs. all
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-20 min
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We’ll walk you through the rules to spice up UNO and turn it into “Drunk UNO”, a double dose of fun that’s perfect for your parties and hangouts with friends. Double the fun. Or quadruple it. Give it a try!
Table of contents
Drunk UNO rules

If playing UNO is fun and having some beers with friends is fun too, then is playing “Drunk UNO” twice as fun? For us it’s +4 times as much fun. ;-)

Discover our proposal, give it a go, and draw your own conclusions.

How to play: "Drunk UNO" Rules

“We assume you’re familiar with the official UNO rules as well as the basic rules of drinking games, which bring structure and add fun rules to all drinking games.

Drinking a lot or drinking too quickly is very dangerous. Please, read the Drinking Game Warnings before playing any drinking game.

Set up to play "Drunk UNO"

icono jugadores


You can play UNO with 2 to 10 players. The same goes for its drinking game variant.

icono objetos


  • UNO card deck
  • One glass and one drink for each player.

Goal of the game

icono objetivo


The objective of the game is to be the first one to empty your hand of cards.

The original game suggests playing several rounds, and after each one, totaling the points to determine the winner.

We believe that in Drunk UNO, it’s neither necessary nor appropriate to set that goal. After each round, the group collectively decides if they want to play another round.

"Drunk UNO" rules

We’re going to add special rules associated with the use of UNO’s special cards to the original UNO rules and the general Drinking Game rules:

Rule for 'Reverse' cards

Reverse UNO card

The player who is unable to play due to a reverse must take 1 sip.

Rule for 'Skip' cards

Skip UNO card

The player who loses their turn must take 1 sip.

Rule for 'Wild' cards

Wild UNO card

The player who plays a ‘Wild’ card selects another player to take 1 sip

Rule for '+2' cards

+2 UNO card

The player who has to draw two cards must take 1 sip

If you’re the type — like us — who adds the unofficial but fun rule that says after a ‘+2,’ you can play another ‘+2,’ and another ‘+2,’ even a ‘+4,’ and if a player can’t match or exceed it, they have to draw as many cards as there are ‘+2’ and ‘+4’ cards accumulated… What do we do with that poor soul who might have to draw 12 cards from the deck? We’ll let you decide collectively what their ‘punishment’ should be..

Rule for '+4' cards

Carta de UNO +4

We’re upping the penalty level: the player who has to draw the four cards must take 2 sips.

Rule for the 'UNO!' rule

If a player forgets to say ‘UNO!’ when they have only one card left, they’ll have to take 2 sips in addition to drawing the standard 4 cards from the deck.

Are these the official rules for "Drunk UNO"?

Well, there are no official rules for ‘UNO to drink’ because it’s not an official game; it’s a popular game created by people, for people.

We’re pretty sure that fans of drinking games around the world didn’t take long to put their spin on the game, each in their own way, shortly after UNO decks became a staple at parties and game nights with friends. If UNO was born in 1971, we bet that by 1972, folks were already playing “Drunk UNO”.

We’ve checked out many sources, read and seen various rule variations crafted by friend groups from every corner of the world, and they all pretty much do the same thing with minor tweaks: link drink-related actions to the use of special cards, just like we’ve explained.

Create your own rules!

The great thing is, you can use our suggestion as a starting point and then create your own set of rules.

Customize them to your liking by tweaking the number of sips to be taken or adding special rules for specific card combinations.

Some friend groups even link certain actions to particular card numbers. For instance, if someone plays a 7, everyone must place their hand on the table, stacked one on top of the other, and the last person has to take a sip.

UNO deck at the best price.

Without a UNO deck, there’s no “Drunk UNO”.

UNO cards deck

Luckily, it’s an affordable game, and you can find it in many stores because it’s become so popular that they even sell it at gas station shops.

However, you’ll find the best price and deals on Amazon, especially if you’re a Prime member.

More drinking games

Vasos de chupito

In Drinking Games, you’ll discover:

  • General information about drinking games.
  • Basic rules for all drinking games (to keep things organized and add more fun).
  • Various tips.
  • More drinking games: Jenga, Uno, Glop, Shot roulette

Check it out!

More about drinking games

Warnings about drinking games

The drinking games described on this website are intended for adults of legal drinking age only

It is illegal to consume beer and alcohol if you are under the age of consent in the state/country/ territory you are in. So DON’T do it.

Drinking and driving is seriously dangerous and deadly. Alcohol messes with reflexes and judgment. Risk your license, hurt yourself, or others. Same goes for biking, machinery, and troublemaking while drunk. Legal limit doesn’t matter; don’t mix drinking and driving. Have a sober driver, grab a cab, or bus if playing drinking games.

Everybody’s got their own tolerance level; you know yours, and even if someone try to push you, don’t to go beyond it.

Drinking too much and too quickly can result in injuries or even death, and ongoing excessive use can lead to alcohol addiction. So, please avoid it to prevent harm.

Neither the author nor the publisher takes any responsibility for any injuries that might occur from playing these games.

Please, drink and play responsibly!

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LOODENS rating

If playing UNO is fun and having some beers with friends is fun too, then is playing “Drunk UNO” twice as fun? Well, no, it’s more than that; we’d say it’s +4 times as much fun. Give it a try!

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