GLOP drinking game

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It’s not a competitive game.
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-25 min
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GLOP is a card-based drinking game that combines various types of classic party games: questions, challenges, mini-games, fun actions… It has a very simple mechanic: draw a card, read it, and do what it says… or take a drink!
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GLOP, drinking game

GLOP: Game Type and Editions

GLOP is a drinking game with a typical card-based party game mechanic.

Players take turns drawing a card, read it out loud, and… things happen. And if they don’t happen, someone’s gotta take a sip of their drink.

So, what kind of things usually happen? Well, it depends on the edition of the game because there are 6 different versions of GLOP

Let’s give you a quick rundown, and then we’ll dive into the details:

  • GLOP Game (orange box): This is the original version of the game.
  • GLOP Truth (green box): Based on the classic party game “Truth or Dare.”
  • GLOP Never in my life (blue box): Modeled after the classic party game “Never Have I Ever.”
  • GLOP Erotic (red box): a spicy edition with daring questions and erotic mini-games.
  • GLOP Strip (purple box): Based on the classic party game “Strip poker.”
  • GLOP Hen night (pink box): A special edition for bachelorette parties.

That’s the whole family right there.

Glop drinking game, original version
GLOP drinking game "Truth" edition
Glop, drinking game "Never in my life" edition
Glop drinking game "Erotic" edition
GLOP, drinking game, "Strip" edition
Glop Hen Night

Common features

All versions of GLOP share these common features:

icono jugadores


You can play with 2 to 30 players. Although 30 might seem like a lot to us, the game does work well with large groups.


Each edition includes 100 cards. The cards are of high quality, with attractive and fun designs, and the phrases and actions are very original.

icono objetivo


In GLOP, there’s no other goal than to laugh and have a blast.

icono ganador


There are no winners or losers. Just people having a good time.


Players take turns drawing a card from the deck, read its contents, and act accordingly.


GLOP is an adult drinking game.

However, you can consume soft drinks or even nothing at all. The game is fun and perfectly playable even without alcohol consumption.

If you’re not familiar with them, we encourage you to discover the basic rules of drinking games that bring order and add fun rules to all drinking games.

Drinking a lot or drinking too quickly is very dangerous. Please, read the Drinking Game Warnings before playing any drinking game.

And now, let’s delve a little deeper into each of the editions.


GLOP Game is the original version of the game.

The game mechanics are very simple: the player taking their turn draws a card, reads it, and either does what it says or has to take a drink.

So, what do they have to do? Who knows! Anything can happen in this game! Dancing, singing, telling a joke, impersonating a celebrity, answering a question… Let yourself be surprised!

It’s a lively, very fun game, perfect for spicing up parties and get-togethers with friends. And the deck fits in any bag, so you can take the party with you anywhere. 100% recommended!

Glop drinking game, original version

Its price usually hovers around €10.

GLOP Truth

This edition of GLOP takes a slightly different approach: it helps participants get to know each other better, perhaps even a bit too well… Will everyone be able to tell the truth?

The game mechanics go like this:

  1. The player taking their turn draws a card and reads it aloud.
  2. The card usually presents a funny, politically incorrect, or compromising statement.
  3. The player has two options: answer—truth or lie—or take a drink if they don’t want to confess.

Ideal for getting to know your friends or your partner better while having some laughs and enjoying some drinks. It’s an all-in-one experience!

GLOP drinking game "Truth" edition

Its price usually hovers around €10.

GLOP Never in my life

The classic party game “Never Have I Ever…” has a flaw: when participants run out of imagination, the game, instead of being fun, becomes an absolute ordeal.

But that doesn’t happen if you have GLOP Never Have I Ever because it’s the game cards themselves, with imaginative and hilarious phrases, that propose the “Never Have I Evers.” No one will have to think. Just read and have fun.

The game mechanics are simple: the player taking their turn draws a card, reads the text aloud, and must say whether they have or haven’t done what’s written on it. And if they have, they have to take a drink! Or all the players who have done it have to drink! You decide, because rules are meant to be broken 😉

It’s a very fun game because it allows you to discover aspects of the other players’ lives that you would never have dared to ask about otherwise.

Glop, drinking game "Never in my life" edition

Its price usually hovers around €10.

GLOP Erotic

This is the most sensual, spicy, and daring edition of GLOP.

The cards delve unabashedly into the intimate, private, and sexual lives of the players, always with humor and aiming for fun. We recommend assessing whether the game is suitable for the participants and informing everyone about the game’s hot level.

It’s also ideal as a game for couples, to break the ice with the girl or guy you like.

The mechanics are the same as always. You draw a card, read it, and either do what it says or take a drink. There are intimate questions, sexy challenges, erotic mini-games… and a few surprises!

Glop drinking game "Erotic" edition

Its price usually hovers around €10.

GLOP Strip

You can probably imagine what this edition is like. The card suggests you do a fun action, perhaps embarrassing, perhaps daring… Don’t want to do it? Well, then you have to take a drink or remove an article of clothing. That’s how simple and fun it is!

GLOP, drinking game, "Strip" edition

Its price usually hovers around €10.

GLOP Hen night

A crazy edition designed for bachelorette parties where everything revolves around the star of the show: the bride!

Just like in the other editions, each card indicates what to do, and if you don’t do it, you have to take a drink.

The suggestions range from crazy actions—bras on the head!—to more typical bachelorette party questions—to see who knows the bride best—along with moments to reminisce about anecdotes, impromptu karaoke, and many more surprises!

If you’re looking for a wild game for a bachelorette party, this GLOP is a perfect solution.

Glop Hen Night

Its price usually hovers around €10.

GLOP 500 Cards: The All-In-One Pack.

Introducing GLOP 500 Cards, which includes GLOP Game, GLOP Truth, GLOP Never in my life, GLOP Erotic, and GLOP Strip. Bam!

Who is this pack suitable for?

  • For those who want it all.
  • For those who can’t quite make up their minds.
  • For those who appreciate a cheaper purchase.
  • For those who value having everything to customize the game according to the participants.

We especially love the fourth reason.

The option to customize the game gives your investment in the game a lot of mileage, and by using different decks, you can ensure the game is a hit regardless of the participants’ level of closeness and their level of craziness and daring.

You can use the decks of GLOP Game, GLOP Truth, and GLOP Never Have I Ever for games with groups of friends who don’t know each other well.

And you can use the GLOP Erotic and GLOP Clothing decks for an intimate game with your partner or a wild group game where everyone sets their own limits.

It gives you a lot of versatility! This game offers endless fun.

GLOP, drinking game

Check current prices and deals on Amazon for GLOP 500 Cards.

More drinking games

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In Drinking Games, you’ll discover:

  • General information about drinking games.
  • Basic rules for all drinking games (to keep things organized and add more fun).
  • Various tips.
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More about drinking games

Warnings about drinking games

The drinking games described on this website are intended for adults of legal drinking age only

It is illegal to consume beer and alcohol if you are under the age of consent in the state/country/ territory you are in. So DON’T do it.

Drinking and driving is seriously dangerous and deadly. Alcohol messes with reflexes and judgment. Risk your license, hurt yourself, or others. Same goes for biking, machinery, and troublemaking while drunk. Legal limit doesn’t matter; don’t mix drinking and driving. Have a sober driver, grab a cab, or bus if playing drinking games.

Everybody’s got their own tolerance level; you know yours, and even if someone try to push you, don’t to go beyond it.

Drinking too much and too quickly can result in injuries or even death, and ongoing excessive use can lead to alcohol addiction. So, please avoid it to prevent harm.

Neither the author nor the publisher takes any responsibility for any injuries that might occur from playing these games.

Please, drink and play responsibly!

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

Absolutely recommended for parties, get-togethers with friends, and family gatherings where you want to have some laughs while enjoying a few beers or drinks. It’s also great for couples! The game is well-designed, fun, and imaginative. Just remember, it’s for adults only!

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