Pick your poison

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all vs. all
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-30 min
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Pick your poison players must choose between two equally bad options —pick their poison— using their instinct and psychology to guess which poison will pick the most.
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Pick your poison party game

How to play "Pick your poison"

Set up before start playing

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Pick your poison is a game for 3 to 10 players aged 10 and up. There is also an adults-only NSFW edition.

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Pick your poison is a commercial game. Below you will find a Buying Guide with all its variants and expansions.

Juego Pick your poison

The game includes 350 “poison cards”, cards with phrases/proposals that are used as options. “Pick Your Poison” is really a choice between two options that create a dilemma in the way of the game ” Would you rather…“. In that game there are always two bad options, hence the “poison”.

It also includes A and B cards that are used for each player to secretly choose his or her option.

And it also includes Double Down cards -we will see later the use of these cards- and a small board to place both options to choose from.

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Pick your poison is played in rounds. In each round one player plays the role of judge and the others must pick a poison.

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The first turn – first judge – goes to the player with the most recent birthday.

Goal of the game

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The goal of Pick your posion is adding points. Points are earned in several ways but the essence of the game is to guess what the majority of players will choose for each new dilemma.

"Pick your poison" rules: playing a game

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Each player starts the game with 9 cards: 6 poison cards, the two cards to choose A or B and a Double down card. Each player holds secretly his cards in his hand.

Each round/shift will follow the steps explained below:



The player whose turn it is selects one of his cards and places it at position A on the game board.



The other players choose the card from their hand that they consider to be the most difficult decision compared to A and give it to the judge face down.



Judge shuffles the cards received so as not to know to which player each card corresponds. Then reads them aloud and finally chooses one and places it in position B on the game board. Others are discarded.



Players may ask the judge to clarify any aspect related to the cards to be chosen from. Judge decides how to interpret them in case of doubt or ambiguity so everyone chooses on equal terms.



Each player picks their poison and places face down on the table their card A or B according to the decision they have made.

Each player has the option to add their Double Down card next to their A or B option. If zero points are scored, the card is lost. If the player gets a point, the Double Down card will double its value.



Once everyone has made their selection, all cards A or B are turned over. The players that chose the majority option earn 1 point. But not always…



The player acting as judge updates the scores of all players taking into account these rules:

  1. One point for the player who has proposed the card B chosen by the judge.
  2. One point for each player who has selected the majority option.
  3. If all players have chosen the same option they all score one point but the judge LOSES two points for choosing an option B that has made it too easy for the others.
  4. In a tie, the judge earns three points and the other players none. If an odd number of players choose, the judge may also choose poison but will only add points if there is a tie.
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The player on the right of the previous judge will now be the judge and the game is played again in the same way, but before:

  1. Cards used as options are discarded.
  2. Each player gets back his A or B card and their Double Down card if they have played it and have not lost.
  3. Everyone draws a card from the deck – except the judge – to have six poison cards to play with in the next round.

Game over. Who wins?

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The game ends when a player reaches 15 points, becoming the winner of the game.

Buying guide and tips

There are two versions of Pick your poison, one suitable for families -from 10 years and older- and one NSFW only for adults. Both versions have one expansion.

Since this is a specific product, we can only give you some advice on where to buy it at the best price. And the best price today is on Amazon.

Original game, suitable for all ages

Versión para todas las edades de Pick your poison

This is the original game, suitable for children from 10 years old. Includes 350 poison cards.

Expansión de la versión para todas las edades de Pick your poison

This expansion adds 200 cards to the original game.

Pick your poison pack juego + expansión, versión todas las edades

Both can be purchased together more cheaply.

AFTER DARK, adult version

Edición Pick your poison After Dark

For adults only, this version is for ages 17 and older. It is a NSFW version that includes 350 poison cards.

Expansión para la versión After Dark de Pick your poison

After Dark version has also an expansion with 200 new poison cards.

Similar games

Pick your poison is a commercial and competitive version of the well-known conversation game Would you rather…? If you do not know it, we encourage you to discover it and try it.

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