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-2 min
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Brief description of the game

Tenzi is a dice game that mixes random and speed. Players compete to get their ten dice to show the same number. But not the ten dice at once! We explain it in detail below.
Table of contents

How to play Tenzi

Set up before start playing

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TENZI is a game for between 2 and 6 players.

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10 six-sided dice numbered from 1 to 6 for each player. Yeah, that’s a lot of dice. For four players… 40 dice! But don’t panic, there are excellent quality dice packs on the market at very good prices.

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In TENZI there are no turns, all players play at the same time!

Goal of the game

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The TENZI game is won by the first player who gets all 10 dice to show the same number.

Tenzi rues: playing a game

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All players play at the same time. All the players shout: three! two! one! They roll their 10 dice, choose a number from the results and set aside the dice showing that number.

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They pick up the remaining dice and roll them again. Any die showing the number chosen earlier will be quickly set aside with the others. And the dice are thrown again. And so over and over again.

Game over. Who wins?

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The winner is the first player to get their 10 dice to show the same number.

Tips for playing Tenzi

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Play at a table with enough space so that the dice of different players do not get mixed up.

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And use different color dice for each player. We use the translucent acrylic dice from AUSTOR, which we bought on Amazon for the best price.

Maybe investing that money in a game that only takes a minute per game seems too much, but if you take into account the number of Tenzi variants that exist, you will see that it is not so, that with those nice dice you can play dozens of games.

Tenzi game variants

VARIANT 1 - One at a time

Instead of rolling all the dice at once, it is done one at a time. Before starting, all players line up their 10 dice. All the players shout: three! two! one! Go! they choose a number, set it aside and start rolling the other dice one at a time until the chosen number comes up. The first to get all 10 equal results wins.

VARIANT 2 - Doubles

The first player to get 10 doubles wins. The 10 dice are thrown and if two threes are rolled, they are set aside. We throw again and if two fours are rolled, we put them aside. And so on. The first player to run out of dice wins.

There are many, many more variants of Tenzi. There is an excellent book that covers them all in depth: 77 ways to play Tenzi. Perfect for those who are seduced by this fun dice game mechanic that mixes chance and speed. And for those beautiful and hypnotic colored dice….

Recommended books about Dice Games

Do you like dice games? So do we. And a lot of people all over the world. The truth is that dice fit in any pocket, in any corner of a bag or backpack, which makes them an extremely portable leisure resource with an incredible potential for hours of entertainment and fun.

There are hundreds of dice games. More than we are currently able to cover in LOODENS.

You can keep searching the internet for more games but if you want to access the best and most complete information in the shortest time possible it is best to buy a good book.

And for us Dice Games Properly Explained, by Reiner Knizia, is the best book ever written on dice games: excellent explanations and examples, variations and the best classification of the types of dice games we have found.

An excellent book both to discover the dice games and to go deeper into them.

And a great gift 😉.

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LOODENS rating

This game is really crazy. Not what one expects from a dice game. We recommend it 100% as a mini-game with groups of friends or family. Think of a good prize for the winner and the competitiveness will make the game more frantic and fun.

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