Who knows him/her better?

Number of players
Recommended age
Competition type
all vs. all
Playing time
-60 min
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Brief description of the game

Who knows him/her better? is trivia game centered on one person. We encourage you to use it to pay tribute to that person you know deserves it.
Table of contents

How to play “Who knows him/her better?”

Things you need to know before starting to play

MC icon

Master of ceremonies

This game requires a master of ceremonies, a person who will ask the questions and control the game. Usually it will be the same person who has organized the gathering or set up the game. Or both!

Game protagonist icon

The protagonist

The game is centered around a person we will call the protagonist of the game.

If we propose the game at a celebration – a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a retirement… – it is obvious who that person will be.

But the game can also be proposed at any type of meeting or gathering. The protagonist will be the person who has decided, for whatever reason, the person who created the game.

dando pastel de celebración
icon players

Number of players

Who knows him/her better? is a game suitable for between 2 and 20 players -not counting the main protagonist- although if it is well organized, many more can play.

icon objects

What you need to play

Paper and pencil for everyone.

Question icon

Number of questions

Depending on how long we want the game to last, more or less questions are prepared. We recommend a minimum of 10 questions. 20 questions can be very good.

Goal of the game

icon goal

Who will win?

Logically, the player who answers the most questions correctly will win.

Game mechanics

MC icon


The master of ceremonies asks a question related to the protagonist of the game, e.g. —What is his/her favorite color?—.

Writing icon

Write answers

Players have half a minute to write their answer on their paper without being seen by others. The protagonist also writes on his or her paper what will be the correct answer.

Talking icon.

Say answers…

The master of ceremonies asks each of the players what their answer is.

Game protagonist icon

And the correct answer is…

The protagonist reveals the correct answer.

Open for debate

Discussions, comments or clarifications on the answer given are likely to follow. That’s good! and it will mean that the game is working.

icon calculator

Update scores

The master of ceremonies will score a point on the scoreboard of all players who have answered correctly.

Question icon

Next questions

The game continues with the same mechanics, with questions and answers, as well as clarifications, comments and laughter that will undoubtedly provoke some questions and answers.

End of the game. Who wins?

icon game over

Game over

The game ends when all questions have been asked.

icon winner

And the winner is…

The player with the most points wins because he/she has answered more questions correctly. The prize? Since he or she is the person who has proven to know the protagonist best, there will be no better prize than an emotional embrace between the two of them.

Possible game variants

icon players

For couples

The protagonist can be really two people, for example a couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.

In this case the questions should be about the couple, not about them individually, e.g. Where did they meet?

Game protagonist icon

Absent protagonist

It is also possible to organize this game to be about someone who is not at the gathering, such as a celebrity who is admired by most of the participants.

You could create a “Who knows Freddie Mercury best” and ask questions about this musical genius, for example —What is his real name?—

Tips for playing “Who knows him/her better”?

icon tips

Tip 1 – Keep it a surprise

If we propose the game in a celebration that revolves around a person it can be a nice surprise that someone has prepared a game to make that little tribute. A lovely gift.

icon tips

Tip 2 – Adapt the questions

The questions have to be adapted to the protagonist and to the tone we want to give to the game.

They will not be the same for a 6-year-old child as for a newly retired person.

Nor will they be the same if it is a family reunion with children than if we are with a group of adults and we want to give the game a little more hooligan and spicy tone.

icon tips

Tip 3 – Mix questions of different types

We suggest mixing typical questions —What food can’t you stand?— with more fun ones —Have you ever cheated on a test?—

There are bound to be easy questions that almost everyone will answer well and more difficult ones that few will know how to answer. We suggest that you alternate them. Don’t chain 5 difficult questions in a row or some will disconnect from the game.

Ideas for questions

Choose questions that suit the age and personality of the protagonist and the tone you want to give to the game. What we propose here are only ideas. Create your own questions!

About your likes and hobbies

  • What is his/her favorite color?
  • What is his/her favorite food dish?
  • What food can he/she not tolerate?
  • What is his/her favorite ice cream flavor?
  • What is his/her favorite music group or singer?
  • If collect something… what do he/she collect?
  • Are he/she a fan of… what team?
  • What is his or her favorite hobby?
  • If he/she could have a pet, which one would he/she choose?
  • In school, what was his/her favorite subject?
  • What sport do he/she usually practice?
  • What is his/her favorite day of the week, if he/she has one?

About his/her personality

  • Are he/she superstitious?
  • Is he/she punctual?
  • If he or she could choose one superpower…. which one would he or she like to have?
  • Does he/she believe in horoscopes?
  • What is he/she afraid of?
  • Is he or she an early riser or does he or she hit the snooze button for 5 minutes when the alarm goes off, and snooze it three times?
  • Have you ever seen someone on the street whom he or she didn’t feel like greeting and pretended not to see?
  • Has he or she ever cheated on a test?
  • If he/she could change anything about himself/herself, what would he/she change?
  • What is it that he/she would like to do but don’t dare?
  • Which would he/she prefer? Being rich with many enemies or being poor with many friends?
  • If he/she got a million dollars, what is the first thing he/she would do?

About some of his personality traits

These questions require extra work on the part of the Master of Ceremonies, but they can be a lot of fun.

  • Do you know what his/her handwriting looks like? We pass the players a piece of paper on which there is the same handwritten phrase six times, by six different people, one of them being our protagonist. They are numbered from 1 to 6. What is the number of our protagonist? Just before starting the game – or that question – the master of ceremonies takes the protagonist and asks him to write the sentence. The others have to be previously written by people not participating in the game.
  • Snoring? In case he or she does snore, we propose something that will give you work but can be a lot of fun. You record him/her at night while he snores without him/her noticing. You prepare three more snoring audios that you can download from the Internet. The more fun the better. You play the audio of the 4 snores. Which one is our protagonist’s?
  • Is he/she allergic to anything?
  • How many tattoos does he/she have?
  • How many piercings does he/she have?
  • What social networks do he/she have?
  • How often does he/she exercise?

About his/her skills

  • Can’t swim: true or false?
  • Can’t ride a bicycle: true or false?
  • Sings very well
  • Which dish cooks best?
  • Dances very well


We can show some photographs or video fragments in which our honoree appears or something related to him/her and ask some of these questions:

  • What year was this photograph taken?
  • Where is this photograph taken?
  • How does what you see in the photograph relate to him or her?
  • Who is with him or her in that photograph?

About things he/she has done in your life

Things about your personal or professional background

  • What was his/her first job?
  • Where did he/she study?
  • How many jobs has he/she had?
  • Every day he/she writes in a diary the most important thing that happened to him/her that day. True or false?
  • He took an online cooking course
  • Ever been to Las Vegas?
  • Where would he/she like to travel to?
  • Has he/she ever done anything illegal?
  • Someone excitedly tells a joke that he/she doesn’t find funny. What will he/she do?

On how he/she would react to certain situations

We present a hypothetical situation and ask how they think our protagonist would react:

  • In a job interview he/she notice that the interviewer has a piece of spinach between two teeth, very big, impossible not to see it…. What will he/she do?
  • Rides in an elevator alone. The elevator stops between two floors. How will he/she react?
  • A bag with $50,000 is found. No one sees him/her. What will he/she do?
  • In the movie theater people in front of him/her are constantly making noise, what will he/she do?
  • He/She’s been invited to lunch at someone’s house and the food is…. disgusting. What will he/she do?

These are just some ideas, so that you can understand how the game we propose from LOODENS is, but the questions must be created adapted to the person being honored.

And one last tip: make it fun! If you want, you can add an anecdote, introduce a question explaining something about the protagonist… Imagination to the power!

Have fun!

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LOODENS rating

On December 17, 2022, I proposed this game to my family for the first time at the sixteenth birthday celebration of my niece, the protagonist of the party. It was a lot of fun. There were surprises in some of the answers and some debate, but above all there was a lot of laughter. By the way, his grandfather won. We recommend the game to everyone. We will repeat on the next birthday.

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