Drunk Jenga

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all vs. all
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Jenga is a strategy game where you need a steady hand and some solid hand-eye coordination, Perfect for turning it into a drinking game ;-) ! Plus, if you add fun actions to the blocks, you’ve got the perfect party game. We’re gonna break down three killer ways to pull it off.
Playing drunk jenga
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Customizing a Buzzy Jenga

Game Tiles” by mastermaq is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

How to play "Drunk Jenga"

We assume you’re familiar with the rules of classic Jenga and the basic rules of all drinking games. If not, we encourage you to visit the pages: Jenga and/or Drinking Games.

And remember, the purpose of drinking games is not to get wasted, but to merge two timeless social activities – playing and having a few drinks with friends – into a single experience. It’s a perfect two-in-one if done smartly and responsibly.

Drinking a lot or drinking too quickly is very dangerous. Please, read the Drinking Game Warnings before playing any drinking game.

Option 1 - Craft your own customized "Drunk Jenga"

For us, undoubtedly, option one is the most interesting among the three as it provides a unique and personalized experience, tailored to the participants’ preferences, crafted specifically by and for them.

How do you play?

It involves assigning a specific action to each block, which will be written directly on the block itself. Every time a player removes a block from the tower, they read what’s written on it and the action must be carried out. Each removal becomes an opportunity to share laughs and fun.

Drinking Jenga tower chug

Someone Chug!” by mastermaq is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

You can add classic drinking game actions — for example: guys take a drink — along with fun party game actions — for example: twerk for 10 seconds or take a drink. Below you’ll find many more ideas in case you need inspiration.

By adjusting the number and type of actions, you can make the game 100% drinking or 100% party game. You decide! You also agree on the type of actions that will be part of the game, ensuring that everyone feels involved and comfortable.

That’s another reason why we believe this version of “Drunk Jenga” is the best: the time shared in creating the actions can be as enjoyable as the game itself, serving to build anticipation for what’s to come. It’s perfect.

"Drunk Jenga" rules

The core of the game remains the same as in classic Jenga: after constructing the tower, each player takes turns to remove a wooden block and place it on top without toppling the tower. If you’ve never played before, we recommend visiting our page on Jenga to understand its rules in detail.

To these rules, you add the basic and general rules of Drinking Games, which explain how much and how you should drink, and some fun penalties common to all Drinking Games.

Finally, we add these rules:

  1. Player who removes the block reads the action written on it, and this action is carried out before they place the piece on top of the tower.
  2. If a player decides not to perform the action, they must take a sip, a finger, two fingers, or the penalty you all agreed on before the game started.
  3. If a player collapses the tower, there’s a penalty. You decide what it is. It could be something like “finish their drink in one gulp” or “lean out of the window and sing Yellow Submarine at the top of their lungs”. Get creative and make sure everyone agrees.

Action Ideas for Drunk Jenga

A typical Jenga set usually has 54 blocks, but you don’t need to come up with 54 different actions. You can repeat some of them two or three times.

The simpler and more common ones like “take a sip” can be repeated multiple times, while if you’re creating something stronger, something that’s agreed upon by everyone but secretly hoping it lands on someone else ;), you can include it just once.

Here’s a bunch of ideas to get your customized “Drunk Jenga” actions flowing.

In some of them, we’ve written “take a sip” while in others, we’ve just used “drink,” but this is purely informational. It’s up to you to decide how much to drink for each action in your game: a sip, a finger or two fingers.

Purely "drinking" ideas.

  1. SIP: Take a sip of your drink.
  2. ONE FINGER: Drink one finger of your drink.
  3. TWO FINGERS: Drink two fingers of your drink.
  4. HALF: Drink half of what’s left.
  5. ALL: Drink the entire glass.
  6. TAKE A SIP WITH A PAL: Choose someone to take a sip with you.
  7. GIRLS SIP: Girls take a sip.
  8. GUYS SIP: Guys take a sip.
  9. SIP WITH LEFTY: Take a sip along with the player to your left.
  10. SIP WITH RIGHTY: Take a sip along with the player to your right.
  11. ALL SIP: Everyone takes a sip.
  12. ALL SIP & DANCE: Everyone takes a sip and does a silly dance.
  13. TOAST: Come up with a toast for a player. Everyone toasts and takes a sip.
  14. SIP x COUNTRY: Take a sip for each country you’ve visited.
  15. SIP x TATTOO: Take a sip for each tattoo you have.
  16. SIP IF ASLEEP: Drink if you’ve ever fallen asleep at work or school.
  17. SIP x SOCIAL APP: Drink if you have more than three social media apps on your phone. You decide: one sip per app or the way that feels right.
  18. SOCIAL MEDIA SIP: Take a sip for each social media platform you’re on.
  19. AWKWARD QUESTION: Choose someone to answer an embarrassing question. Both take a sip if they don’t answer.
  20. IMITATE A CELEBRITY: choose someone to imitate a celebrity. GIRLS SIP: Girls take a sip.
  21. SIP x FORGETFUL: Take a sip for every time you’ve lost your keys or phone.
  22. TRADE: Swap drinks with another player.
  23. CLUMSY HAND: The one who pulls this block uses their non-dominant hand for the rest of the game. They sip if they slip.
  24. ROULETTE: Spin a pen or a bottle on the table. The player it points to takes a sip.
  25. PAPER, ROCK, SCISSORS: Challenge a player to a game of rock-paper-scissors. Loser sips.

Funny Actions

  1. TWERK IT: Do twerking for 10 seconds.
  2. PASSION DANCE: Choose a song and passionately dance your heart out for 20 seconds.
  3. BACKWARDS WORD: Pronounce a word backwards out loud.
  4. JOKE TIME: Share a joke; take a sip if no one laughs.
  5. OPERA STAR: Sing a song of your choice in opera style.
  6. PUT ON A SHOW: Pick someone to perform their best dance move. Both sip if they decline.
  7. FARM LIFE: Mimic a farm animal for 10 seconds.
  8. IMITATE A PLAYER: Imitate another player for 10 seconds.
  9. LIP SYNC: Say a word aloud without moving your lips. Others must guess what you said.
  10. CHARADES: Act out a scene from a famous movie using only gestures. Others must guess what is it.
  11. CONFESSION TIME: Choose someone to make an embarrassing confession. Both sip if they decline.
  12. ONE FOOT BALANCE: Balance on one foot for 30 seconds. If you can’t, take a sip.
  13. BACKWARD WALK: Walk around the table backward. If you stumble, take a sip.
  14. SPOON TRICK: Balance a spoon on your nose for 1 minute. If you can’t, take a sip.
  15. BOOK ON HEAD: Walk with a book balanced on your head for 30 seconds.
  16. CONSONANT CHALLENGE: Say a sentence chosen by your companions using only a consonant they pick.
  17. BOX HEAD: The player must wear the box on their head for the next turn. They can take it off afterward. This action requires preparing a box with two small eye holes so that it’s challenging to extract the block while wearing it.
  18. FOLLOW THE LEADER: Encourage everyone to sing and dance “Follow the Leader” for a minute.
  19. PASS: If a player pulls a block with the word “Pass,” they can save it and use it to avoid an action in another turn. Once used, they must place it back in the tower, which means they have to place two blocks on top of the tower in that turn, increasing the risk of it falling.
  20. RHYME TIME: Say 10 words that rhyme with a word chosen by others in under 60 seconds.
  21. NAMES: Players take turns saying famous names (celebrities, historical figures, etc.). Each player must say a name that starts with the same letter as the previous name’s last name. For example, if someone says “Michael Jackson,” the next player should say a name starting with “J,” like “Jennifer Aniston.” If someone can’t come up with a valid name or takes too long, they have to take a sip.
  22. NOSE TOUCH: Touch your nose with your eyes closed.
  23. STRAIGHT LINE: Walk three meters in a straight line.
  24. FINGER TOUCH: Extend your arms, open your hands, and touch the fingers of both hands.
  25. CREATE A RULE: The player who draws this piece has the chance to create an additional rule that all players must follow for the rest of the game. Whenever someone breaks the rule, they must take a sip of their drink. Some ideas include: everyone must speak with a foreign accent; when someone laughs, everyone else must laugh along; you can only speak in rhymes; answer every question with another question; no one can touch the floor with their feet; stand up and spin around three times before pulling a piece; act as if you’re in a silent movie, no speaking allowed.

These are just a few ideas. Get creative and make your own rules!

Drunk Jenga Box Head

Boxhead Paige” by mastermaq is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

How to assign actions to the blocks?

We suggest two methods. Both assuming you have a classic Jenga set.

1 – Directly Write on the Blocks with Colored Markers:

Pros: Looks nice, no additional cost.

Cons: The Jenga set becomes a dedicated drinking game, actions remain the same.

2 – Use Labels or Stickers:

Write on labels, stick them on blocks, and remove them after the game. Ensure label height doesn’t exceed block height. For the original Jenga with blocks measuring 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) in length, 1.5 cm (0.59 inches) in height, and 2.5 cm (0.98 inches) in width, these Apli stickers (guaranteed quality) with dimensions of 1.3 cm x 5 cm (0.51 inches x 1.97 inches) are perfect. You can find them on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Pros: Each game can have different actions.

Cons: Need to purchase stickers.

If you don’t have a classic Jenga set

You can borrow one from a friend, family member, neighbor, or anyone you know. You can customize it for the drinking game using stickers and then return it as if nothing happened 😉

And of course, another option is to invest in one. They’re very affordable! And if you purchase a quality one —we recommend the original Jenga, which is almost the same price as its imitations, around $20— you have a game for a lifetime to share with friends and family. From here you can check the current price and deals for the original Jenga on Amazon

Jenga original

Option 2 - Get a Drinking Jenga

There are games available on the market designed specifically as drinking games, so if you’re not up for thinking about what to write or doing the work, you can opt to buy a drinking version of Jenga.

We recommend the OriginalCup ® product for its quality, a prominent company in drinking games in Europe. Check out “Drunken Tower” by OriginalCup ®. It includes 60 wooden pieces, half of them with actions, and four 4cl glasses. The texts are in English. It usually costs less than €20. Check the current price and offers on Amazon.

Drunk Tower

Drunken Tower by OriginalCup ®

Includes 60 wooden pieces, half of them with actions, and four 4 cl glasses.

The texts are in English.

Its price usually doesn’t exceed $20.

Option 3 - Playing with a regular Jenga set

It’s the quickest and simplest option, but it will be a 100% drinking game.

Along with the usual rules of Jenga and drinking games, we’re adding two more rules:

  1. Whenever a player successfully removes and places a piece without toppling the tower, all other players take a sip.
  2. The player who causes the tower to collapse must finish the remaining contents of their glass.

If you have a Jenga set with differently colored pieces, you can associate a type of drink with each color. For example, if a red piece is pulled, everyone else takes a sip, but if it’s blue, they take two sips.

And that’s all there is to it, which is quite something.

We hope these ideas bring you many hours of fun.

And remember, the purpose of drinking games is not to get wasted, but to merge two timeless social activities – playing and having a few drinks with friends – into a single experience. It’s a perfect two-in-one if done smartly and responsibly.

More drinking games

Vasos de chupito

In Drinking Games, you’ll discover:

  • General information about drinking games.
  • Basic rules for all drinking games (to keep things organized and add more fun).
  • Various tips.
  • More drinking games: Jenga, Uno, Glop, Shot roulette

Check it out!

More about drinking games

Warnings about drinking games

The drinking games described on this website are intended for adults of legal drinking age only

It is illegal to consume beer and alcohol if you are under the age of consent in the state/country/ territory you are in. So DON’T do it.

Drinking and driving is seriously dangerous and deadly. Alcohol messes with reflexes and judgment. Risk your license, hurt yourself, or others. Same goes for biking, machinery, and troublemaking while drunk. Legal limit doesn’t matter; don’t mix drinking and driving. Have a sober driver, grab a cab, or bus if playing drinking games.

Everybody’s got their own tolerance level; you know yours, and even if someone try to push you, don’t to go beyond it.

Drinking too much and too quickly can result in injuries or even death, and ongoing excessive use can lead to alcohol addiction. So, please avoid it to prevent harm.

Neither the author nor the publisher takes any responsibility for any injuries that might occur from playing these games.

Please, drink and play responsibly!

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LOODENS rating

We find it a perfect party game as it can be tailored to participants of all levels. It’s versatile and inclusive fun. Try it!

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