10 Frisbee games

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Everyone knows what a Frisbee is. But not everyone knows that you can do much more with a Frisbee than just throw it and catch it. There are plenty of games, many of them team games, in which the Frisbee is the protagonist.
Playing frisbee on mountain
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disco doble juego frisbee

Frisbee, the flying disc

It’s thrown, it flies, and it’s caught. That’s all. Or is it?

Well, no! Although there wouldn’t be much more to explain if it weren’t for the fact that the flight of the Frisbee has captivated millions of people since the first lids of cookie jars were thrown —that’s how it all began— and for those Frisbee enthusiasts, simply throwing and catching quickly became insufficient. They wanted more. More was wanted. They wanted to play as a team and they wanted to compete. And since those games didn’t exist, they invented them.

So there are actually a lot of games where the main character is Frisbee and here we are going to propose and explain how to play the best and most popular ones.

10 Frisbee games

Ranked from least to most difficult, physical activity level and requiring the use of equipment or playing space

Game #1 – Throwing and catching Frisbee

Playing frisbee on the beach

If you’ve never played Frisbee before, you should start with the basics: learning how to throw and catch it, which is already enough challenge and fun for many.

Basic Frisbee throwing technique

Here is the basic throwing technique: hold the disc with the dominant hand, thumb on top, index finger on the rim and the other three fingers underneath. Extend your arm, as if pointing to where you want to throw it, then bring your arm back towards you and again extend it and give a flick of the wrist just before releasing the Frisbee trying to get it out of your hand as parallel as possible to the ground.

como sujetar el frisbee

Next step, after mastering the basic throw, is to experiment with small variations of the throw and discover how the Frisbee’s trajectory and flight shape changes: extend the arm more or less when throwing, throw with more or less power, give it more or less flick of the wrist, tilt the disc laterally to the right, to the left or give it an anterior tilt so that it comes out upwards.

If it is windy you can also find out how the Frisbee behaves if it is thrown upwind, downwind or sideways.

Of course there are many other ways to hold and throw the Frisbee, and some are essential in other games, but first master the basic throw, and there will be time to discover and practice other types of more complex Frisbee throws.

Basic Frisbee catching technique

Catching it is not much of a mystery: open hand and C-shaped, as if your hand were the hand of a Playmobil click, giving as much space as possible for the disc to enter it.

More tips

For more than two players, you can form a circle and pass the disc to each other, without competition, just for practice. And if you want to start competing, you don’t have to move because next game is just Frisbee in a circle.

Game #2 – Circle Frisbee

Juego Circle Frisbee

Circle Frisbee is a large group game that tests the accuracy of throwing and catching the Frisbee. We recommend playing with at least 10 players, who are divided in two teams.

Players stand in a circle facing the center. Players from each team should alternate in the circle, so that a player from one team is beside a player from the opposing team, and so on until the circle is complete. Players should be placed far enough away from each other to be able to throw and catch the Frisbee comfortably, but close enough to keep the game challenging.

A coin flip is played and the winning team makes the first throw.

Player with the disc throws it towards a teammate on their own team. If the catcher correctly catches the Frisbee, without moving his feet or jumping, then the team in possession scores a point. It’s not enough to just touch it, it must be caught in the air without touching the ground

Players cannot move their feet or jump. The players are not allowed to move their feet or jump. If they do so, even if they manage to catch the disc, the point goes to the other team.

Failure to catch the disc legally means that the opposing team takes possession of the Frisbee and it is their turn to throw, catch and score points. But there is more. If the disc is caught by the opposing team then they not only regain possession of the disc but also score a point.

If players are very close and disc goes to an intermediate zone, the other team’s player can try to catch the Frisbee as long as he/she does not move his/her feet. The closer the players are, the more accurate the throws need to be and the greater the chances of disputes in intermediate areas. More competitive and more fun.

Jugando a Frisbee en círculo

First team to score 21 points wins the game.

A simple game, perfect for playing at the beach with a group of friends, even if they have no experience with Frisbee.

Game #3 – Boomerang Frisbee

Boomerang frisbee game

Yes, you can throw the Frisbee to act as a boomerang, but it’s not easy, it takes a lot of practice and skill.

It should be thrown with a slight upward tilt, with a lot of wrist spin, and most importantly, against the wind. Without wind, there’s nothing to do.

In this video you will see the launch and a good explanation:

In this other video you’ll see a master of boomerang throwing three boomerangs in a row, almost simultaneously.

Game #4 – Frisbee Bowling

Bowling frisbee

It’s a game of aim.

It doesn’t have to be played with bowling pins, just place one or more objects at a certain distance from the throwing line and you have a game, a challenge, a competition and a lot of fun. You set the rules.

And if you have a bowling game at home you can take it to your outdoor play space and play with the same rules as always but instead of bowling throwing the Frisbee.

Game #5 – Double Disc

Disco doble

According to the official Double Disc rules, it is played with two discs and four players —two against two— but it is perfectly possible to play with one disc and any number of players by adapting the dimensions of the field.

The essence of the game is to make the discs land inside the opposing team’s field.

Each team has two separate squares as their fields, which also serve as the launching space for one team’s discs and as the landing area for discs thrown by the opposing team. We’ll discuss the measurements and distances later on.

Every time a disc is released it is earned:

  • 1 point for the throwing team if the disc lands inside the opponent’s field.
  • 1 point for the catching team if the disc lands outside its field.

If disc touches the line, it is considered out of bounds.

What if the catching team catches the Frisbee? Well, no one wins the point, at the moment, and the player who catches it throws it again. So the dynamics of the game involve an exchange of throws and catches until the disc lands, and one of the two teams scores 1 point.

Campo de juego de Disco Doble Frisbee

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a game that could be played with a single disc, and most likely that’s how it was initially. However, those early players soon realized that the game lacked excitement, tension, and competitiveness. So they thought… “What if we play with two discs at the same time?” And they hit the nail on the head!

Each point begins with a simultaneous launch to the shout of Three! Two! One! Throw! An from that moment on, we have two discs going back and forth, each one independently, which requires all players to be constantly alert and active, making the game much more fun, frantic, and at times chaotic.

What if for a moment both discs are in possession of or touching one or both players of the same team? Well, the point ends and that team loses 2 points. That’s the strategy with which professional players win most of the points, either by throwing the disc towards a player who has a disc in their hand and can’t decide where to throw, or by throwing the first disc high and curved, like a lob in tennis, and then the second disc with more force and directly at the opponent so that they arrive simultaneously.

Once a point is finished —either a disc lands or a team touches both discs at the same time— a new simultaneous throw is made, and a new game is contested. First team to reach 15 points winning by two wins the match. If the score is tied at 19, a final point will be played to determine the winner. You can also play to 21 points and make the tie-break at 25 points.

Regarding measurements and distances: the official rules of Double Disc established by the European Flying Disc Federation (EFDF) ) state that the fields must be squares of 13 meters on each side and must be separated by 17 meters. That’s a very big field, but you can play with smaller fields and at less distance! he game will be more dynamic and fun.

Game #6 – Courtsbee

courtbee frisbee

Courtsbee is played on a court with a net, which can be a volleyball or tennis court. “Courtsbee” is a combination of the words “Court” and “Frisbee”.

Basically, it is played similarly to volleyball or tennis, but instead of using a ball, a Frisbee is used.

The players are divided into two teams, and the objective is to pass the Frisbee among teammates and throw it into the opposing team’s field, aiming for it to land inside their playing area to score points. Just like in volleyball, each team can make a maximum of three passes before they must throw the Frisbee into the opposing team’s field.

It is played to 15 points (or 21) winning by two points difference, with tie-break to 19 points (or 25).

Game #7 – Guts

Frisbee volando muy rápido en un partido de Guts

Guts is a Frisbee game that is only suitable for the brave. It could even be considered an extreme sport as it can be dangerous. Not suitable for everyone.

In Guts, two teams face off by throwing a Frisbee and attempting to make it pass a defensive line without the defending team catching it.

The throwing trajectory must always be within reach of a defensive player, so the only way to score a point is to throw with great force through a gap in the defensive line, trying to catch them off guard or, alternatively, making the Frisbee’s speed difficult for them to make a good reception.

Guts, zona de alcance del equipo receptor

And that’s why this game is only for the brave. The players throw the Frisbee with as much power as their physique allows and therefore catching it is much more of a challenge.

If Guts is not for you we encourage going for the next game.

If, on the other hand, you are seduced by the risk and the adrenaline rush of getting “in front of the bull” then we encourage you to discover more details in How to play Guts.

Game #8 – Street Frisbee

Street frisbee game

This game is a proposal to play in a street with high curbs or in an alley where not many people pass by and the walls do not have windows or anything that can be broken by hitting it with a Frisbee.

The goal of the game is to throw the Frisbee trying to make it land behind the opposing team’s goal line without them being able to catch it.

What is so new about this game? It allows you to use the curbs or walls to bounce the Frisbee and modify its trajectory, trying to confuse the opponent so that he can’t catch it, as if it were a kind of giant Air Hockey in which the game table is the street, the sides of the table are the curbs or walls and the disc is the Frisbee.

Goal lines are drawn about 12 meters apart.

Players are divided into two teams of 2 to 5 players. To determine which team serves first, a coin is tossed.

At the moment of the serve, the players stand behind the goal line. After the first throw has been made, if any player of the receiving team manages to catch the Frisbee, he will return the throw from the same point where he made the catch, which can be before or after the goal line, it doesn’t matter.

This leads to an exchange of throws and catches until the disc lands on the ground. If it lands behind a goal line, regardless of the distance beyond it, the throwing team scores a point. If it lands between the two goal lines, or outside the field in the case of playing with curbs, the point ends without changing the score.

The team that wins a point serves again, and the team that fails a throw gives the serve to the opposing team.

It is played to 15 points (or 21) winning by two points difference, with tie-break to 19 points (or 25).

Game #9 – Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf game

Frisbee and golf enthusiasts are in luck because there is also a game that combines both sports. How do you think it should be? Let’s think for a moment: if we replace the golf ball with the Frisbee, golf clubs are no longer needed, but we do need to find an alternative to the holes, an alternative that is capable of catching the Frisbee on its own. Tricky, isn’t it? Luckily, the human imagination is infinite. From here, we want to express our recognition and admiration for the person who invented… Frisbee-catching baskets!

Canasta/cesta atrapa frisbee para jugar a golf frisbee

Frisbee Golf is a game enjoyed outdoors, in which players attempt to throw the Frisbee into a basket that is placed in a specific location on the playing field. The objective is to complete the entire course with the fewest number of throws possible.

Just like in traditional golf, each hole has a recommended number of throws, and players try to throw the Frisbee as close to the basket as possible to minimize the total number of throws.

Naturally, it is not a game that can be improvised, but there are increasingly more public parks with courses featuring multiple “holes” where you can play for free. And of course there are also paid options and even private clubs.

I’m sure you’re wondering… Is there a Frisbee Golf course near you? Google “frisbee golf course in X” changing X for whatever you think identifies the area you can travel to and you’ll find out in no time.

Caution signal in Frisbee golf area

Game #10 – Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport that combines elements of American football, basketball, and soccer, played with a Frisbee instead of a ball.

The playing field is rectangular and has a length of 100 meters and a width of 36 meters. Each end of the field has a scoring zone, similar to a soccer goal, that extends horizontally across the field. Scoring zones have a depth of approximately 18 meters.

The game starts with a “pull”: one team throws the disc from their scoring zone to the opposing team, who receives it. The team that performs the pull is decided by a draw or an alternation between the teams at each point.

The disc moves forward through passes thrown by the players. Players cannot run with the disc, they can only pivot on one foot while keeping the other foot in place. The player with the disc has 10 seconds to throw it.

Juego Ultimate Frisbee

A team scores a point when one of its players catches the disc in the opposing team’s scoring zone. The scoring team switches sides and prepares to perform the pull on the next point.

Defending team tries to prevent the attacking team from scoring points. Defenders may attempt to intercept or block the attacking team’s passes, or force the disc to fall to the ground.

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport. Players cannot push, grab, block, or intentionally make contact with an opposing player. If fouls or accidental contact occur, a “foul” may be called and play is stopped briefly.

Regarding the duration of the game, there are two options: play for a time limit of 60 minutes divided into two 30-minute halves, with the team that has scored the most points winning, or eliminate the maximum time limit and the first team to score, for example, 15 points wins.

Ultimate frisbee

Usually the player who has the Frisbee is pressured by a player of the opposing team to make him uncomfortable in his throw and that often forces him to make imaginative throws like the ones you will discover below.

Types of Frisbee throws

A video is worth a thousand words to explain the different types of launches.

We have selected Brodie Smith’s video because we believe it offers the most variety of throws and he explains it very well.

icono compras

Guide and tips for buying a Frisbee

It’s easy to find frisbees of all kinds in various stores.

But be careful because not all frisbees are the same or offer the same gaming experience.

We don’t want a disc that will break upon first impact with a hard surface. We want a high-quality disc built with durable material.

We also want our disc to have a smooth, stable, and durable flight. And for that, the most important factors are its design, disc aerodynamics, as well as the lightweight material it’s made of.

We also want it to be easy to throw and catch, which depends on the ergonomic design.

Durable and lightweight material. Aerodynamic and ergonomic design. And it should look good too! That’s the Frisbee we want.

That’s why you can’t just buy any disc from any store. We recommend that you purchase it from a specialized sports or outdoor games store.

Or you can buy it from an e-commerce platform where you can see the ratings and reviews from customers who have already purchased it, ensuring that the product is of high quality.

At LOODENS, we recommend the following products:

Frisbee Discraft

Top seller in USA

Discraft is a professional and official disc in Frisbee championships in the USA, with smooth and stable flight, easy to throw and catch. Available in 12 different colors.

Check current price and deals on Amazon.

Led flying disc

LED Flying Disc, for night time play


Tosy is best seller in Amazon: 8 light modes, motion sensors, auto on, lost mode, USB-C rechargeable, waterproof… amazing! 

Check current price and deals on Amazon.

Silicone flying disc

Silicone foldable and portable Flying Disc

These silicone discs are becoming trendy. They are smaller and foldable, designed for easy transport and for playing anywhere, even indoors.

This one from the Waboba brand has been selling a lot on Amazon, with excellent reviews. You can check the current price and deals on Amazon.

That’s all for now, which isn’t too shabby.

Have a good day and an even better night ;-)

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

A must-have. A Frisbee doesn’t cost much money, it’s lightweight, and can be easily carried in any backpack. If you are going out for a day at the beach, in the country, in the mountains, in a park…. take a Frisbee with you!

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