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Two teams
Playing time
-35 min
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Brief description of the game

Guts is a Frisbee game in which the key is the speed of the throws and the courage and reflexes of the defending players who will try to catch it so that it does not cross the goal line. Who dares?
Guts throwing windows
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Juego Guts

Guts is an active game that some call extreme and dangerous.

Yes, it is played with a Frisbee, and we usually see these discs flying placidly as they pass from hand to hand. But that’s not what happens in Guts, where the Frisbee is thrown at unimaginable speeds precisely with the intention that the opposing team won’t be able to catch it.

If you decided that Guts is not for you, we encourage you to discover these other Frisbee games.

If you dare with Guts, read on, we’re going to have fun.

How to play Guts

Things you need to know before starting to play

icon players

Number of players

10 players, 5 per team.

Team Formation

Create two balanced teams, taking into account the age, experience, and skill level of each player.

icon objects

What you need to play

You’ll need a Frisbee that’s as durable as possible and a large, level outdoor space.

large icon

Length of the GUTS field

The playing field should be approximately 14 meters long. Two lines are drawn at each end to act as launching lines and defensive lines.

Field width icon

GUTS field width

There is no fixed width, but it is determined by how far the defending players can reach when they all have their arms outstretched side by side. It is determined before starting and marks are placed on the ground at the ends of the lines that delimit the length of the field.

Goal of the game

icon goal

How do you win a game of GUTS?

The goal is to score points, and these are scored by making throws that beat the defending players or by catching the throw in the case of the defending team.

GUTS rules: playing a game

Who’s first?

The match begins with a coin toss to determine which team will serve first. The winning team chooses the player from their team who will make the first throw.

At each point in dispute we have an attacking team, the one that throws the Frisbee, and a defending team, the one that tries to catch it. This disputed point can be won by either the attacking or the defending team.

Red team throwing icon

Who’s first?

The throwing player positions themselves behind the throwing line and throws the disc, considering three things:

1 – AIM

Your goal is to get the disc past the defensive players and land behind the defensive line, or else the defending players will not be able to make a good catch.


No vertical throwing of the disc, Maximum 89 degrees of inclination. It cannot be thrown upside down.


The trajectory of the disc must be within the reach of the defending team, passing through a window whose height is determined by the height of the receiving players with their arms extended upward—without jumping—and whose width is the width of the field.

Guts, zona de alcance del equipo receptor
Scoreboard icon

Point for the attacking team

The attacking team scores a point if they make a valid throw, passing through the catch window and landing behind the line that marks the defender’s field boundary.

Maybe you think… but if the Frisbee flies in a trajectory within reach of the defenders…. How could they not try to prevent the disc from crossing the defensive line, even if it means a few bruises or a broken finger? Well, either because it goes so fast that they don’t have time to react, or they manage to touch it but then don’t catch it before it falls to the ground. It’s not that simple.

So the defending team has no chance of winning the point? Yes, it does. It can win the point by the attacking team’s failure if it makes an invalid throw, or by its own merits if it manages to catch the disc in the air before it falls to the ground, now we explain how, because not just anything will do.

Frisbee catching icon

Winning Catching

The defending team wins the point if they can make a reception that catches the disc before it hits the ground and delivers:


You cannot catch the Frisbee with both hands at the same time. Only one can be used.


The catch is also valid if the Frisbee, after impacting a hand or any other part of a defender’s body, bounces and keeps bouncing from one player to another until one catches it in the air with one hand.

This video will help you understand it better. Take a look at it and then we will explain more about it.

turns icon

Subsequent throws

After the initial throw and the score update, it is the opposing team’s turn to throw. Teams will alternate playing the role of thrower and catcher at each point.

throwing frisbee icon

Who’s throwing next?

Throwing is done by the last player who touched the Frisbee in the previous defensive action, whether he caught it or not. If no player has touched the disc then the team decides who throws.

Summary of scores

We review how the Guts scoring system works:

Icon throwing red team


  1. Makes a valid throw that goes through the defending team’s reach window and lands behind the defensive end line.
  2. He makes a valid throw inside the defending team’s range window and although the defending team manages to touch the disc, they do not manage to catch it.
icono atrapando frisbee


  1. The attacking team makes a throw outside the reach window from above or from the sides.
  2. The attacking team makes a short throw that lands inside the field without anyone touching it.
  3. They manage to catch the disc legally.
turns icon

Field change

Players will change fields every ten points, adding together the points of both teams.

Player substitution

In official championships each team can have 6 or 7 players, although only 5 play at a time. Why? To change some of the players depending on how the game evolves. Changes can only be made during field changes.

icon winner

And the winner is…

The match ends when one of the teams scores 21 points, thus becoming the winner.

Throwing techniques for GUTS

If you have understood and internalized how Guts works, you are already aware that a typical Frisbee throw that defenders would easily catch is no good in this game.

So what options do throwers have? If they want to get over the goal line, they must look for a gap in the defense and make a very fast and precise throw, or else throw the disc with such inclination and speed that the defenders will not be able to catch it.

Below are several videos explaining the most common throwing techniques. Some of them you have also seen in the previous video.

Tips for playing GUTS

tip icon

Use gloves!

We do not want to finish this article without advising anyone who dares to play Guts to use gloves to protect hands in defensive plays.

Other Frisbee games

Guts is an exciting game, but there are many more options. In Frisbee Games page we propose many more games: Circle Frisbee, Double Disc, Bowling Frisbee, Courstee, Street Frisbee…. and also some tips for buying a good frisbee.

logo loodens

LOODENS rating

Guts is an exceptional game not suitable for everyone. Some people reject it because of its danger while others love it precisely because of the adrenaline rush that comes from the risk of getting in front of each new launch. Only for the brave!

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